Chibi Fighters TRX Edition Release and Presale

Press Release / 27.01.2019

January 27, 2019 – Stuttgart, Germany – Veteran blockchain game Chibi Fighters is coming to the TRON Blockchain and accessible via the web or smartphone dapp browser. As Chibi Fighters creator Garry Runke notes, “Chibi Fighters is the longest-running blockchain game, and with the game’s migration to the TRON blockchain from Ethereum, Chibi Fighters will be a faster, more robust experience for players.”

On Chibi Island, the battles are to the death! Immerse yourself in a blockchain world full of adventure! Prepare your fierce little warriors for battle. Earn TRX and obtain weapons, gear, and other loot to level up your Chibi Fighters. Whether you’re sending your Chibi Fighter out on an exploration adventure or battling one on one against rivals for supremacy, fight with honor and SHOW NO MERCY!

Chibi Fighters is a collectible blockchain virtual game with adventures, roleplay, multiplayer, and action RPG elements. Players can collect fighters, fuse them with others, and then test their skills in battle. A massive in-game market lets players trade individual Chibi Fighters, loot, and consumable items. Build your Chibi army and equip them for battle!! The fight for supremacy is about to begin on the TRON Network. Join the slaughter fest!

A pre-sale is currently ongoing for Chibi Fighter tokens, which will come with various advantages for those who participate before the game launch. Visit or the Chibi Fighter sales channel on Telegram

Check out the below video to see Chibi Fighters at work:

Availability and System Requirement

Chibi Fighters TRX edition is due for release in late Q1 2019 and will require Google Chrome browser with the Tronlink extension or, for mobile, a dapp browser such as math wallet.

About Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters are fierce little warriors that know no mercy. They are collectible and tradeable token. The brand is well established on the Ethereum Blockchain and is coming in 2019 on TRON.

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