Chibi Fighters is a Prime Example of Justin Sun’s Vision for the TRON Network

Press Release / 08.02.2019

In early 2018 the Ethereum-based Blockchain Game Chibi Fighters became a popular title. As a player vs player battle style game, and in its collectibles one player mode, many players enjoyed the action and the ability to earn crypto by playing. Chibi Fighters developer Garry Runke foresaw several issues on the horizon however and knew he had to make a change.

The lack of network speed and significant transaction fees had already started to limit the game on the ETH network. Players and the Chibi Fighters staff alike were becoming frustrated. It was time to explore other options.

As Garry and his staff searched through the crypto universe to find answers, one option emerged and kept itself at the forefront with its content, continuous improvement and desire to create a faster, inexpensive and reliable option for fans.

The answer was clear. The Chibi Fighters would migrate to the TRON Blockchain and continue on its mission to bring the digital slaughter fest that is Chibi Fighters to its fans!

With the game set to release on the TRON Network in March 2019, Chibi Fighters has begun a full-fledged assault on bringing in new players as well as those who found the game in its initial state. A coordinated marketing effort, Pre-launch sale of Chibi Fighter tokens, various Telegram, Discord, Facebook channels have all been created to discuss the game and have players ready to battle, and earn TRX, when the game launches on the TRON Network. Two special Chibis (Vilhelm the Chibi fighter & Rahui the Chibifighter) even have their own Twitter accounts and mince no words when talking smack to one another. They are a fun follow!

While the game will obviously be a blast for players, it’s worth noting that the context of the Chibi Fighters evolution is precisely the way Tron creator and CEO Justin Sun saw things going down. Justin created the TRON Network with the intention of winning projects over from other blockchains. It was part of his game plan…and it’s working.

Chibi Fighters is and will be one of many stories that provide evidence that Sun’s vision will come to fruition. We have a feeling this migratory trend will continue, and if Chibi Fighters needs to lead the charge with their swords swinging, let it be so!

To grab your Early Bird Chibi Fighter token, visit the Chibi Fighters web site or visit on Telegram

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