Blockfolio – A Helpful Crypto Tracking Tool and Much More

Project Reviews / 18.03.2021

As you delve deeper into the crypto markets, you will inevitably reach a point where monitoring your assets becomes a hassle, or at the very least, a time-consuming venture. Today, there are hundreds of exchanges and thousands of cryptocurrencies at your disposal. How does one keep track of all of these options while not getting distracted from the non-essentials – portfolio trackers.

Blockfolio is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that offers users a plethora of tools, including charting tools, portfolio statistics, and price alerts. These options enable users to discover up-and easily-coming projects while also tracking and managing their cryptocurrency investments.

Blockfolio has long been a top performer in the market. The platform integrates a variety of cutting-edge tools and features that have helped to gain its reputation. Notably, the platform has over 6-million registered active users, making it the top crypto tracking app in the world at this time.

Benefits of Blockfolio

You don’t become the top crypto tracking app by accident. Blockfolio introduces a host of benefits that simplify investing and allow you to remain on top of market developments. The platform utilizes a streamlined interface that enables anyone to monitor their portfolio across multiple exchanges in real-time.


Blockfolio has consistently upgraded its protocol to include even more features to streamline your investment experience. The platform now supports the trading of digital assets directly. You can also trade an excellent selection of tokenized stocks listed on derivatives exchange FTX. Unfortunately, the latter option is only available to non-US users only.


Blockfolio is free to download and allows you to trade crypto and stocks with no fees. Unlike other free trackers, you’ve not bombarded with advertising banners and pop-ups, thanks to the network’s strong financial backing.


In terms of selection, Blockfolio continues to expand its reach. The network is consistently adding new altcoins and tokenized stocks to its tracking options. You can even track fractional shares of tokenized stocks using the free app.


There is no registration required to start using Blockfolio. As such, the platform doesn’t require any personal information. This approach makes it a favorite among privacy-focused investors.

How Does Blockfolio Work

Blockfolio is a centralized system that relies on company servers to serve its community of users. Despite its centralization, users’ risks are minuscule because you don’t give the firm any personal information. Here are some of the key functionalities that make Blockfolio so popular.

Tracking Tools

You can easily monitor crypto pricing on over 10,000 coins across 300+ exchanges using the app. Additionally, you can decide whether to track your digital assets based on their global average or using a specific exchange’s pricing. You can even set up time frames to further your capabilities.

Customizable Coin View

The customizable coin view allows you to focus on the projects you are interested in. You can also set up Price Alerts to notify you when the market is on the move. These alerts can be based on the percentage of movement, changes in value, or other vital stats. Notably, the platform allows you to track your favorite crypto using the fiat currency of your choosing. In this way, Blockfolio frees up your day from staring at your phone and allows you to react to market conditions immediately.


The Blockfolio Signal feature is unique in that it operates as a one-way push notification system. The system allows projects to send vital data to their investors without the added noise often encountered on social media platforms, such as Telegram or Discord. Currently, 300+ projects participate in this feature. Some notable cryptos include Zcash, Ark, Augur, Civic, and Neo.


Another cool feature designed to simplify your life is the news tab. You can stay in the loop with all the most important developments across the market at the press of a button.

History of Blockfolio

Blockfolio is one of the oldest tracking applications in the game. The network first entered the market way back in 2014. Blockfolio is a US-based network that is registered in California. The platform secured $11.5 million in early series A fundraising to achieve its current status. At that time, Pantera Capital, Bitmex, Huobi, and DCM Ventures contributed heavily to the project.

In August 2020, Blockfolio was acquired by FTX for $150 million. This venture has pushed the capabilities and features of the platform to new heights. Specifically, it helped the platform support direct trading and the integration of fractionalized tokenized stocks.

How to Get Blockfolio

Blockfolio is available on Android and iOS devices. You need to go to the respective app store and click the free download. The installation process is easy and requires no personal information. In total, the entire process takes around ten minutes to complete.

How to Use Blockfolio

Once you have the app downloaded and installed, you’re ready to begin setting up your portfolio. The first thing you will notice is the tracking window. Here you will see the top 49 coins in terms of market cap. You can go through these coins and select the ones you want to see in your personal portfolio tracker. You can also add coins not listed.

You will need to choose the trading pair to display and the exchange rate to show. You can also choose to see the global average for the coin. Next, you will want to enter how many coins you currently own. This will require you to enter the transaction date for your holdings. Finally, click the Save button, and the information will now display in your portfolio.

Next to each of your assets, you will notice a little bell. Clicking the bell will pull up the Price Alerts options. You can set your alerts based on percentages, value, and other factors. You can also choose if you want the alerts to be one-time notifications or regular settings.

Blockfolio – Helping Investors Maintain their Cool

It’s often said that trading cryptocurrencies require a cool head and an emotionless approach. Blockfolio allows you to stay on top of your coins without the need to stare at your phone constantly. The network continues to add features and coins at a pace that outshines the competition. It’s these reasons that have helped Blockfolio secure the top spot.

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