Blockchain & Fundamental Human Rights – Part Two

Data & Research / 14.11.2019

Following our article of last time, I’m now continuing to see what happens when you look at the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the light of the Human Rights.

Let us examine the 3rd to 5th articles:

Article 3
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Article 4
No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be
prohibited in all their forms.
Article 5
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
or punishment.
Article 6
Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

I you believe that it has nothing to do with the blockchain, then by all means you are mistaken. On the third article, “liberty and security” are outright pointing out at another flaw of the blockchain. Say you are in direct opposition with your government, and your neighbor says so in the blockchain. The speed at which this information will spread won’t let you have the time to get out your door.

If you are moderate and in a democratic country, you may not end up dead, but this world doesn’t lack countries where this could outright get you killed before you have the time to even react. If your photo and specifics have been posted too, then you have nowhere to hide, nobody can help you, as even governments can’t really help you when it comes to the blockchain, a new identity might not even cover the old one now that you are immortalized in the blockchain.

The fourth article is indeed not to concerning in regards to the blockchain unless it’s used as a slavery ledger, but which case bringing down the whole blockchain is what’s ought to do, granted that you can find each person who has downloaded it. But it’s worth looking into that fifth article. As you see, “no one should be subjected to […] inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” yeah. We’ve nailed a good one here. Because it’s all about what we do in the blockchain.

Whenever we say “free market is fair to everyone” then we are giving those with less chances than others to die in silence. Because no one’s going to be able to do much if he doesn’t have money. Once someone has hit rock bottom, then in this “fair market” he is fairly punished for being poor. The poorest you are, the worst your punishment. Fair market is about the least human-rights compatible thing that can be.

I am not saying that our current governments and systems are better, but that fair market, preached in the circle of the blockchain totally disregards that it not only prevent one who’s been subjected to any of the above, through e-harassment, e-stalking for example, are immutable, and the abuse will always be there to see, punishing the victim and glorying the bully.

As for the 6th article, we can’t fool kids with any arguments here. Just which crypto-currency-circle doesn’t have his anti-states people? Those who prone pure anarchy… without a government and state, there is no law, and without laws, humans quickly turns into vicious beasts. That’s the very nature of humans, it’s why wars are the most frequent repetition over history.

And code won’t consider the morale aspect of things. No matter how horrible of a person you are, so long as in the code of the blockchain your racist-in-power has more stake than your group of human rights defenders, (and these people do know how to make a block to have money and all) their cause will prevail in the blockchain.

There isn’t much to be seen about the blockchain/crypto-currency whitepapers that indicates how well they will threat the humans that actually interacts with the blockchain. That is even in the nature of the blockchain itself, it is a “trust-less” technology. You don’t have to trust the people… hum, let us reflect just a little bit… are we back to fooling kids here?

In steemit, you have to trust the whales who over-vote the masses in regards to picking the rights people for its governance. And in most other blockchain, for that matter, you have to pray that those big bag holders (those who have bags of the crypto you are getting into) have no intention to floor the value of your favorite crypto. For the matter, in almost every crypto, you have to make certain that the founders themselves won’t dump their pockets on the markets, killing all of the holders at the same time.

This imply that the founder’s rights and liberty to deal with their assets overweight your right and liberty to decide anything in the crypto-currency you favor. And I have seen zero measure anywhere to prevent this. No on-chain code to limit the output of genesis/founders addresses. So liberty? No, we’re back to the fair market, where the fairest is the one with the most money. “We’re getting into that or this other hard fork, or we dump” and that’s where things become hypocritical, and where we need to rethink the real fairness and abilities of those accounts.

On those words, I invite you to reflect, and think about this in your own projects, and see you in the suite of our our exploration.