Bitrue Enhances Its Power Piggy Offerings with Improved Interest Rates

Handy Tips / 08.06.2020

Leading financial services platform Bitrue announced their intentions to adjust the interest rates of EOS, LTC, and BCH in their Power Piggy program to a baseline of 5.3%, starting with the interest distribution on June 5 at 16:00 UTC. 

Bitrue exchange has always been a disruptive force in the financial industry, mainly focused on using crypto to offer financial services to the world’s unbanked population. 

The Singapore-based exchange has quickly become a favorite with members of the EOS, LTC & BCH communities because of the high degree of enthusiasm, support, and transparency shown by its management towards these projects.

Bitrue’s main objective has always been to bridge the emerging crypto markets with the traditional financial services sector, according to CEO Curis Wang.

Now that Bitrue exchange has gained a loyal user base and trust within the industry, it’s a perfect time to enhance their loan offerings with lowered rates on EOS, LTC, and BCH backed loans

Users on the lending platform will enjoy the same security, liquidity, and lucrative rates offered to institutional investors.

More on the Bitrue Crypto-Backed Loans

Bitrue users can pledge LTC, BCH, EOS, stablecoins, and more to receive loans in these coins and top coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and USDt.  

As promised by the company, support for more altcoins has been added over time to serve as collateral and loan options to maximize the service’s availability among the entire crypto industry. 

On June 5, 2020, revenue made from EOS, BCH, and LTC loans will be used to support the existing Power Piggy function, the widely used feature that offers users a risk-free way to earn up to 10.3% annual interest on digital coins or tokens they invest. 

As the Bitrue lending platform continues to grow, more and more users will enjoy reduced repayment rates if they hold ample amounts of the platform’s native token dubbed Bitrue Coin (BTR). 

While using BTR, you get a 40% discount on transaction fees and can trade at 5.84% for the trading pairs BTC, ETH, USDT, and 0.048% for XRP. Now you can get LTC, BCH, EOS at a rate of 5.3%. 

More recent crypto-backed Offerings from Bitrue

Just last week, Bitrue also revealed that their new interest rate of 5.84% per year on BTC, XRP, ETH, and USDt loans is now live. This is in line with the company’s goal to become a one-stop platform for cryptocurrency investors worldwide. 

The launch of these improved loan products, as well as the just-launched EOS offerings, comes just weeks after Bitrue exchange inked a partnership deal with Legend Trading that will allow the Singapore-based platform to offer fiat Over the Counter (OTC) services for users across the globe. 

By launching a series of enhanced low-interest loans, Bitrue demonstrates its commitment to bridge the developing crypto markets with traditional financial services. 

Bitrue’s Growing relationship with Ripple

In the recent past, it has enjoyed an incredible relationship with Ripple (XRP), as both crypto startups share a vision regarding the potential of digital currencies. 

In September of last year, the lending platform revealed that it is creating a service that enables users to take $100-minimum loans on various crypto assets such as XRP, USDT, and ETH at a 0.04% daily interest rate. 

With its XRP offerings, Bitrue is transforming the cryptocurrency industry by adapting traditional financial services to the growing crypto space. 

What You Stand To Gain When You Pledge Your EOS, LTC, or BCH Tokens

Here is how you can increase your EOS earnings on Bitrue:

  • Power Piggy Program: Users on Bitrue can earn a 10.3% annual interest with the Power Piggy program. This staking program enables users to grow their deposit cap by holding digital assets quickly.
  • Affordable Loans: Bitrue charges a lucrative daily interest rate of 0.04%. The newly adjusted BCH, LTC, and EOS backed loans are now more affordable at a baseline 5.3% rate. Additionally, BTC, XRP, ETH, and USDT loans will be provided at a reduced interest rate of just 5.84%. 
  • Users can also participate in a daily draw with a prize pool of 240k XRP for four stages of raffle tiers, depending on how many raffle numbers they have guessed accurately.

Get Started With EOS, LTC, or BCH on Bitrue to Get Loans on Other Coins

To join Bitrue’s lending service, you must sign up for an account, complete an easy Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process, and then set up a PIN code.

After that, pledge your crypto assets and borrow an alternative against your holdings. Bitrue offers $100-minimum loans on all coins features on its platform, priced according to their real-time market value.

Finally, pick the coin of your choice between available mainstream coins (LTC, BCH, EOS, BTC, ETH, XRP, VET, ADA, and stablecoins TUSD, USDt, USDC, and PAX.)

Bitrue offers a baseline daily rate of 0.04% for an infinite borrowing period. Therefore, you can hold coins for as long as you desire by simply paying the daily interest rate.

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