BitPay To Start Supporting Purchase of Gift Cards With XRP

News / 19.01.2020

BitPay, which offers cryptocurrency payments service, is about to launch new support for XRP. The plan was revealed in a tweet by the firm’s joint founder, Tony Gallippi. According to him, it will allow the buying of gift cards with XRP beginning from next week. However, the new development was first realized by some XRP supporters.

Holders of cryptocurrency will have the opportunity to use the gift cards easily in spending their cryptos at several retailers and restaurants, including Amazon, Burger King, DoorDash, Domino’s, GameStop, and Home Depot.

BitPay developed its major service to provide firms and individuals a convenient means of accepting digital currency payments and storing their cryptocurrency assets. Three months ago, BitPay started supporting XRP payments after it became a partner with Ripple.

According to the firm’s director of product, Sean Rolland, XRP’s speed and scalability make it different from many cryptocurrency assets on the market. He said that the firm’s customers are taking advantage of what blockchain payment technology promises to offer and XRP is capable of offering a fast, cost-effective and scalable payment option. Further, he said that the support for XRP is an expansion of blockchain choices across the payments domain.

Although gift card service was meant for the United States, BitPay affirms it processes cryptocurrency payments in over 200 nations worldwide.


Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. Source: Cryptopress.

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