BitMax Exchange – An Easy to Follow Guide for New Users

Exchange Reviews / 10.11.2020

BitMax is often regarded as a third-generation digital asset trading platform. This global exchange provides a simple and secure trading experience to investors. Specifically, BitMax was designed to service institutional and professional traders. The platform is packed full of features that reflect its Wall Street heritage. In this way, BitMax bridges the gap between the traditional and blockchain investment sectors.

BitMax exchange launched with momentum. The platform saw backing from some of the most reputable names in the market. Firms such as Bitmain, Matrix Partners China, FBG Capital, and Danhua Capital all participated in early funding rounds. This added funding gave BitMax a strong introduction to the market. 

Benefits of BitMax Exchange

There are many reasons why an investor would choose BitMax over the competition. For one, the platform combines an easy-to-use interface with a responsive trading algorithm. Additionally, BitMax was built for a global audience. As such, the exchange supports multiple languages. 

  • Security

BitMax employs various layers of high-tech security to keep its network and your crypto safe from hackers. The system incorporates both Strict-Transport-Security and X-Content-Type-Options to strengthen security. Additionally, the platform integrates some regulatory protections such as a 3-level KYC system and artificial intelligence algorithms that monitor trading patterns for suspicious activity.

  • Options

BitMax gives investors a nice selection of coins to trade. There are currently 153+ tokens with 265 trading pairs available to investors. The platform also offers various other blockchain products in addition to spot trading. These products include derivative trading products. Derivatives are tradable contracts that represent other assets, in this case, cryptocurrencies.

  • Low fees

BitMax has a competitive fee structure in line with the market. Notably, unregulated exchanges usually have lower fees than regulated exchanges. The current trading fee at BitMax is 0.04% per trade. 

  • BitMax Community

BitMax has an impressive community of users. Additionally, the platform is a pioneer in the market in terms of organizational cooperation. BitMax continues to form strategic partnerships to support blockchain structural optimization and improve adoption. The exchange already has strategic partnerships with BitCloud, Bitshares, and Covalent. In this way, BitMax can help support the introduction of more standards, such as open and fair market rules.

How Does BitMax Exchange Work?

At its core, BitMax is a blockchain-driven user-based value exchange system. The platform is known for its unique user-friendly approach and trading-focused services. BitMax provides investors multiple ways to increase their ROIs.

  • Margin Trading

Margin Trading is a great way for expert traders to increase their ROIs. You borrow with interest when you margin trade. Keenly, BitMax provides investors multiple repayment options. In addition to transferring more funds into your account, there is an option to pay your debt back through trading.

  • Leverage Trading

Leveraged trading is another popular feature used by professional investors. Leverage trading allows investors to increase their exposure to the market. This is accomplished by allowing them to pay less than the full amount of the investment.

  • Staking

One of the biggest draws for BitMax is its growing support for the DeFi community. The platform already supports multiple staking programs. DeFi users can stake EASY, CNTR, PLU, LINA, and HARD directly from their BitMax interface and start earning rewards.

  • BitTreasure

Another feature that draws interest is BitTreasure. BitTreasure is a digital asset lending protocol. The system allows BitMax users to earn rewards lending out their crypto. Similar to staking, users lock their crypto in smart contracts for predetermined periods. Notably, there are multiple time frames available, including 30 days, 60 days, and 180 days.

BitTreasure continues to outperform the competition in terms of ROIs. Currently, the estimated income from this BTMX investment strategy is 31.05%. Impressively, this rate is one of the highest in the cryptocurrency market. Consequently, around 69.8% of all BTMX tokens are now locked in this product.

  • Promotions

In terms of user promotions, BitMax is among the most active n the market. The platform introduces a variety of unique and fun promotions to help users win free crypto. The platform has a Turtle and the Bunny Card game that allows you to earn rewards depending on your ability to predict a currency’s volatility during a specific time. 

There are also cool programs like the VIP Boost promotion. Users who submit a photo of their VIP status on another exchange receive a VIP +1 level account for 30 days. The list goes on from Airdrops to FIL coin events. BitMax always has some promotions or contests available.

BTMX Token Exchange

BitMax utilizes a utility token named the BTMX token. This token serves a variety of purposes in the network. You can pay fees and trade cryptocurrencies using BTMX. You can also stake BTMX and gain eligibility to receive data usage rewards. The total supply of BTMX is capped at 10 billion tokens.

On October 23, 2019, BitMax started a deflationary protocol to help stabilize and ensure the value of BTMX into the future. The new protocol reduces the total circulating supply of BTMX down by 1%. Specifically, the system reduced the number of BTMX from 1 billion down to 787,683,613. This maneuver improved the supply and demand ratio for the token. 

BitMax Exchange

The Singapore based crypto exchange BitMax launched in July 2018. According to developers, the goal of the project is to support financial market innovation. Since its inception, BitMax has seen growing user adoption. Today the platform is respected for its commitment to traders.

How to Use BitMax Exchange

BitMax is very easy to use. The sign up takes minutes, but you will need to wait for your KYC approval before you begin trading. Once you receive your confirmation email, you are ready to begin. Sadly, BitMax does not accept US-investors at this time.

BitMax- Maximize Your ROI

BitMax continues to show its innovative drive through its new and exciting features. The platform’s strong support for the DeFi community provides much-needed liquidity to the sector. You can expect to see BitMax continue to play a pivotal role in the market moving forward due to its flexibility and unique products.

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