Bitladon Exchange – A Quick an Easy Guide on How to Buy Cryptocurrencies with Credit Card and FIAT

Project Reviews / 08.06.2019

With the fast-growing pace of digital money in the world of finance, it’s clear that a lot of traditional processes, which commonly apply, are beginning to experience quick changes. There have been arguments about the extent to which the invention of cryptocurrencies would send fiat into extinction.

Some argue there will always be fiat currencies, mainly based on the premise that it would take a lot to integrate them into everyday tasks and topics. The world of cryptocurrency would be experiencing a lot of restrictions, regulations, etc. Others argue that the advent of Blockchain technology is a disruptive technology that has come to totally change the way things have been done in the financial sector, just like the e-mail did to postal services. No matter which of the 2 points of view you choose to consider, both have valid points.

Although only time would be able to clarify which point of view is closer to reality, we have the possibility to already take a clear look at the lingering challenge of exchanging these various forms of money: from digital to fiat and back, on a fast, secure and cheap platform. While such platforms are quickly gaining in popularity, we recently discovered Bitladon, which we think is one of the easiest and quickest way to exchange your digital assets into Fiat and vice-versa. Let’s see how to do it in this article!

What is Bitladon?

Bitladon is an exchange platform that makes buying and selling cryptocurrencies possible, thereby allowing its users to convert money from digital currency into fiat successfully and vice-versa, in a quick, flexible, and simple environment. This exchange platform exceeds so-well in speed, simplicity, security, and flexibility that it stands as a worthy competitor for other better-known exchange platforms.

Key highlights of Bitladon:

  • Minimum buy as low as €9
  • Simple & intuitive UX
  • There is an option for Direct payment to an IBAN account.
  • Users can purchase cryptocurrency with iDeal, SEPA(Single European Payment Area), Sofort, giropay, and more.
  • Also available on Blockfolio and Delta.
  • Crypto to crypto exchange too

Why Should I Use Bitladon?

One of the most discouraging factors about using exchanges is the actual conversion from cryptocurrency to fiat. This is where Bitladon saves the day by providing a means for users to swap crypto to fiat easier. The exchange usually takes a lot of time and includes transaction fees (excluding the normal tx fee on the blockchain). This can usually reduce the number of users who carry out smaller transactions. It would mean that the money to be converted would have undergone some substantial depreciation even before it gets to the final form. Bitladon exchange makes it possible for money to be deposited into the account with iDeal (an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands and based on online banking) without dealing with any such exploitative fees, simply because there are no hidden charges. Users can deposit Euro into their accounts and buy from a wide range of given options of cryptocurrencies, while the balance would be immediately reflected and available. A lot of effort is being put into this automated process to ensure that users are not left waiting too long for their funds.

How Do I Use Bitladon?

Step 1: Visit the Bitladon exchange website and Open an Account, as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Login into the email for verification and get the confirmation code and paste in the required field, as shown below.

Step 3: Now, login, and let the trade begin!

Step 4: Connect your local bank account with an exchange and save details against future transactions.

Step 5: Make fiat deposits using one of the available mediums such as iDeal, Bancontact, SEPA, Giropay, etc., after which your account would be credited almost immediately. Note that fully verified accounts have a monthly transaction limit of €100. This limit can be increased after contacting customer care for a need to carry out bigger transactions.

Step 8: You can finally buy whichever cryptocurrency you want. You don’t even need a wallet to get this done. However, there’s the liberty of transferring whichever cryptocurrency you want to any wallet of your choice.

A Call to Action

Bitladon clearly possesses one of the easiest and most user-friendly interfaces any exchange could have. This automatically makes it a one-stop exchange for both veteran and newbie traders, who might find other exchanges’ regular interface too complicated with its numerous tools. It brings the possibility of trading cryptocurrency for fiat right to your doorstep. Bitladon offers a wide variety of options among cryptocurrencies. Visit the Bitladon website today and experience the ease of trading cryptocurrencies with the second largest and most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.

Alo Kingsley is a Btech degree holder in Building Engineering and has been a strong Cryptocurrency & blockchain enthusiast with immense interest for privacy and masternode coins. He is a passionate cryptocurrency writer and social media marketer since 2017. With a passion for architecture and construction as well he seeks to find a way of seamlessly functioning in the two fields to help Africa and the world at large.