Bitfinex and OKEx Victims of DDoS Attacks

News / 28.02.2020

The crypto-exchange services provider Bitfinex has announced earlier today that it experienced a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. As a result of the attack, its website and services were forced to go offline in a majority of regions in just under an hour.

The Exchange has otherwise announced a resumption of services on its platform. Comparatively more powerful protection has also been set up as a result in a bid to lessen the repeat of such an attack. This is according to a communique that was issued by the exchange later on during the day

A significant downtime was experienced across its website and services. Bitfinex has opted to employ intelligent load balancing and failover routing for its servers so as to enhance performance. Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation services have also been utilized towards the same effect. Such steps point to the possibility that the attackers hit the exchange with intense bandwidth attacks.

Similar Attacks

All this happened on the backdrop of a very similar attack on the exchange platform OKEx just a day earlier. The severity of the attack was such that its website and services went offline for several hours. Its technology department promptly tackled this issue by making some improvements on its platforms.

The CEO of the exchange, Jay Hao, made a Weibo post shortly after the attack. The post states the attack’s origins to having been seemingly from Kazakhstan, with a very high possibility of it being competitor sponsored. He also informed on OKEx Global Technology Department 24 hours duty per day, and its ability to complete anti-D traffic switching in minutes.

The CTO of Bitfinex, Paulo Ardoino, made a tweet later on after learning about the previous OKEx attack. The tweet expressed the CTO’s lack of knowledge about the preceding OKEx attack, but noted it being quite interesting if he could learn about any similarities between the two. While there was evidence of high sophistication by the attacker, an affirmation was given by the CTO regarding Bitfinex’s improved security against such an attack.

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