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Project Reviews / 02.02.2021

Over the last decade, Bitcoin has become a significant cryptocurrency used and implemented in many fields. However, we all know that Bitcoin distributed books are a public blockchain network. It means that anyone on the Bitcoin network can see their entire transaction history.

Since the Bitcoin network offers total transparency, illegal players can see your transactions. Bitcoin transactions do not have a link to real identities. However, looking at spending patterns, one could decode the addresses controlled by the same wallet.

Remember that an assumption may not always be correct, but the probability is large enough that hackers can decipher the relationship. It is where the bitcoin mixer comes into play.‘s new mixing service is the first available to casual users (without a dark network). It offers you one of the best data protection services for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Services Provided by

Bitcoinmix offers its users a bitcoin mixing service to ensure their anonymity in blockchain transactions to enhance user’s privacy while transacting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency’s growing popularity is drawing wide attention from casual users and scammers, hackers, and government surveillance companies. Popularity related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is on the rise, and bad actors seek new forms of gaining access to your crypto funds via phishing and scam actions. When you make online purchases or make P2P payments or donations, does not keep your transactions trackable and protects your personal information.

The Bitcoin Mixer platform does not keep any logs or emails sent via the contact form to increase your anonymity. The growing popularity of trading and extracting cryptocurrencies is in notation in some countries. That’s why keeping your crypto assets private might be used as a hedge against the confiscation of wealth, especially in some third-world countries.

The Bitcoin Mixer platform allows you to mix your digital coins and hide them from hackers and third parties. also includes several new cryptocurrencies when you use a randomizer service

How Bitcoinmix Helps to Enhance Your Privacy only stores incomplete information about your Bitcoin transactions. The platform charges a random commission of around 2-4.9% for each transaction to make your transactions completely anonymous

After shuffles all your crypto coins, all related information gets completely erased to keep your identity safe and anonymous. The algorithm that uses to mix coins is entirely secure, so users don’t have to worry about phishing websites. If you prioritize your anonymity when making cryptocurrency transactions, it is a high recommendation that you use a bitcoin mixer.

How to Mix Coins on

The first thing you need to do to mix your bitcoins on is to provide the main page’s download address. The preset withdrawal address is the wallet you wish to send your bitcoins to. You can add up to five download addresses on the platform. However, you can only use one deposit address. You will then need to set your custom time delay so the system knows when to transfer your mixed bitcoins to the selected wallet. You will then see the address you want to send your coins. Then you have to choose the number of bitcoins to mix and send them to the specified address. Coin shuffling is automatic and can take from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

The platform takes your bitcoins and sends some new bitcoins to the address you want. Bitcoin Mixer sends you new coins from any untraceable Bitcoin address back to you, so your transactions remain anonymous.

Benefits of Using

  • No log storage. By shuffling your coins on this platform, you can be sure that no third-party can get your transaction information. It is only because no logs get saved.
  • You don’t need any personal information – you can shuffle your coins without entering your email address or personal information. It will reduce the chances of your transactions tracing back to you.
  • It also comes with a referral program. You can earn on the market with Bitcoinmix as an affiliate by using your referral link. Bitcoinmix distributes up to 50-65% of its commission, and the payouts are instant.
  • Low cost. Bitcoinmix fees are meager compared to many competitors. You can mix your coins with as little as 2% for each Bitcoinmix transaction. – Enhancing User’s Privacy While Transacting

As more and more people realize the potential of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets, using a third-party bitcoin mixing service can ensure user transactions’ anonymity and confidentiality and set a precedent for the future: web 3.0, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to create effective privacy solutions for people.

The crypto industry has multiplied since Satoshi Nakamoto published the 2009 Bitcoin White Paper. As the crypto industry grows, surveillance of crypto companies has also increased globally. Online data protection has been the subject of debate and protest in the crypto community since its inception. One of the main motives behind Bitcoin is to keep users anonymous from tyrannical authorities and hackers. offers just that to its users. If you want to hide your identity and perform bitcoin transactions, you should choose a bitcoin mixer like As regulations regarding crypto continue to be tight, most crypto exchanges now require strict KYC information and go beyond the overall goal of remaining anonymous. However, as each mix operates completely independently and with distinct web interfaces, the user interacts with a single blend simultaneously, choosing the amount instead of the standard chunk size. So the current situation doesn’t provide the right level of anonymity. But changing to a slightly different model based on the principles above would increase anonymity a lot.

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