Bitcoin Payments Future Still Uncertain

News / 26.12.2019


Cryptocurrencies are making several things possible in world of finance. One of them is the possibility of using them as a means of exchanging goods and services. Some online retailers have tried to incorporate cryptos into their payment solutions. Likewise, several firms have attempted the acceptance of bitcoin payments in recent years.

Bitcoin payments have been around for some time and a lot of people are still considering what will happen to it in the future. This is because many of the previous supporters did not deal with Bitcoin this year. Hence, the outlook of Bitcoin payments is still uncertain.

Some of the firms that decided to try out BTC payments remained resolute while others bow out somewhat quickly.However, it is unfortunate that this difficult situation will still be in place ahead.

One of the most renowned online payment processors in recent years is Adyen. However, things did not go well some time later, after its quick support for BTC. Perhaps losing Adyen is one of the greatest setbacks for BTC payments in recent years.

This year, Adyen stopped accepting BTC, in spite of the hugeoverall payment growth recorded. At the moment, why Adyen stopped supporting Bitcoin remains unclear.

Aside Adyen, there are other leading firms that stopped supporting Bitcoin. One of such is Microsoft but some less obvious means of using BTC via its online platform existAnother one is Steam, a big online video game store. It started supporting BTC payment and stopped it in recent years. It seems uneasy for firms to guarantee the adoption of Bitcoin payment, this year and beyond.

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