Bitcoin Payments Facing Growth Challenges

News / 26.12.2019

One of the cryptocurrency applications in the world of finance is using digital coins to exchange goods and services.  Both large and some small businesses are starting to incorporate virtual currencies into their payment solutions. Nevertheless, the future use of Bitcoin in firms is somehow uncertain. It is because some of the previous Bitcoin supporters stopped using Bitcoin payments this year. As some of the firms using Bitcoin remained resolute, other firms bowed out shortly. 

Adyen and Some Other Firms Stop Supporting Bitcoin Payments

Adyen is a top leading online payment processor that used to support BTC payments. However, things changed for the worse for the coin’s payments. And this is because Adyen stopped supporting Bitcoin this year, in spite of the enormous overall payments recorded. It is still unclear why Adyen stopped supporting Bitcoin.

Apart from Adyen, some other renowned firms quit supporting Bitcoin. One of them is Microsoft, and another one is Steam, a huge online video game store. It seems uncertain for firms to adopt BTC payments this year and beyond.

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