Bitcoin Option Introduced on Okex Exchange Trading

News / 26.12.2019

Okex platform recently expanded derivative trading. The announcement made by the exchange maintained that it is launching a test on Bitcoin futures. Okex is a renowned exchange, which currently very active in future trading, and therefore the leading Bitcoin futures operations.

Options carry higher risks, but enable bitcoin trading, on the basis of predictions. At the moment, predictive markets are becoming speedy, as anticipations tend to become further crucial even than real activity on the spot market.

Additionally, Bakkt exchange added options on futures, and CME futures markets will add on the 13th of January. Bitcoin is quite volatile and unpredictable, however, those characteristics enable traders to bet on price moves. A fresh scene is between buyers and sellers through this, as price predictions compete.

Terms and Conditions of Okex Option Trading

A form is currently available for data gathering and to invite those who will test option trading in the initial stages. Nonetheless, a warning by Okex maintained that the market is live and utilizes real funds to settle. Due to the higher risks associated, losses may come quite soon.

Prices swaying from one source will get avoided by gathering pricing information from various exchanges. According to Enzo Villani, Okex is additionally working on risk management and the increment of market liquidity.

Availability of options make traders have the right, but not the obligation for the sales and purchases of Bitcoin at a definite price. Risk hedging may get improved as options become mainstream. Nevertheless, traders may need to be cautious, because the instruments can bring about remarkable losses within the previous 24 hours, the trading volume of bitcoin was close to 21 billion USD.

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