Bitcoin Faces a Significant Price Decline

News / 10.01.2020

The BTCUSD pair recorded a decline after lacking a significant push over the $8,500 hurdle. Currently, the pair is forming support close to the $7,750 to 7,600 level. Furthermore, based on the recent periods and records of the price values, various buyers have indulged in the purchase of the digital currency based on an initiated push that fell under $8,000. It further showed a stabilization under the same zone, presenting the 100-hourly SMA. 

Current Prices 

The current prices of the BTC/USD pair present a bullish nature elaborate from the valued prices that range close to $7,600 and $7,750 as the support level. The most critical areas utilized by buyers are between these same ranges, and basing these insights on the current prices, the expected upsurge prices anticipated in the new rally are at $8,000. The initial hurdle was $7,900, and the underlining channel forms support at the $7,880 zone. Considering the upsurge above $7,900 surpassing $8,000, the new rally might be considered modest, and the formed hurdles are close to ranges of $8,180 and $8,300. 

Also, these prices are prone to reduce under support levels of $7,600. Regardless, the suppliers’ ability to accept them could present swift downtrends,  extending from $7,300 to $7,100. Based on this assessment of bitcoin, the valued prices present a losing momentum in its selling value based on hurdle levels under $8,000. Nevertheless, the support levels of $7,750 and also $7,600 are significant. As a result, the overall prices might aspire to experiences of downtrends that are reflected as powerful surges either below levels at $7,750 and even $7,600 or upsurges presented at prices over $8,000. 

BTC/USD Daily Charts

The current key hurdles are considerably enclosed between the $9,000 to $9,100 value, and concerning the upsurge experienced from the charts’ illustration raise expectations of price reaching hurdles close to the $10,000 zone. Also, anticipations are expected with regard to the short term downward retracements encountered in the BTC price. If the retracement event occurs, it allows for close hurdle supports of about $8,300. However, there are correction expectations as the prices reached zones well above the $7,800 hurdle.

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