Bitcoin Could Surge by 575% in 2021 Following Previous Year Declines

News / 04.01.2020

BTC recently experienced significant declines pressures, correcting later with a 5% upsurge on the previous day. Based on last year’s results and bitcoin ratings, this marked significantly positive starting points in 2020, reflecting up to a hundred percent increment in the valued prices. The review in 2019 showed that the cryptocurrency was considered among the best-performing assets. 

Concerning the bullish reaction approach employed previously, declines could imply better buyers’ strengths than the expectations anticipated. In turn, this factor could mean better value performance in Q1 2020.

Antoni Trenchev Comments and Claims

According to the industry executive, Antoni Trenchev, his claims directed that the bitcoin values could immensely increase based on having large gains this year. Following his remarks, his thoughts show that Bitcoin might reflect an upsurge of up to $50,000 in 2020. 

Based on the current reviews of the bitcoin price, the estimated value is on the upside by an average of 5 percent that can be reflected from the $7,450 that shows a remarkable upsurge from its initial value established in the last days at $6,800 based on the seller’s efforts in establishing strong stands over the markets. Considering the bearish signals the BTC/USD pair reflected estimating between $7,300 to $7,260, concerns are raised regarding the fall below $7,000 in the previous year. 

Trenchev also expounds on Bitcoin’s perspectives to Bloomberg, stating that Bitcoin is primarily “an incredible asset” that will eventually experience an expected upsurge of up to $50,000 in 2020, which would reflect an increment based on its current valued prices to about 575 percent. As such, this has raised concerns for the investors in light of understanding the purposes that foster this expected upsurge as they keep close tabs on the BTC valued price in response to the halving events of the mining rewards, keeping in mining the bullish response realized as a result of the annual lowering of the BTC inflation by 1.8 percent. 

Moreover, recent miner capitulation during the Bitcoin value drop illustrated the multi-month highs analyzed at more than $10,000. The recent end to further expectations still backs up the strengths buyers have in supporting higher values on the cryptocurrency. 

Dacosta Osei-Tutu, a first degree holder in Nursing, who couples his Nursing career with blockchain blogging, has a great passion for the blockchain technology and aims to play a vital role in applying this revolutionary technology to disrupt the healthcare system in Africa.