Beginner’s Guide To Bitrue – Get More Features from Your Exchange

Exchange Reviews / 21.07.2021

Bitrue is a digital asset management platform that combines the benefits of a decentralized ecosystem with the convenience of a centralized exchange. The protocol enables users to buy, sell, trade, lend, and stake an array of digital assets with ease. As such, the network continues to expand its market position. Notably, Bitrue currently has over 4 million users.  

What Problems Does Bitrue Solve?

The developers behind the Bitrue concept sought to reduce or eliminate a variety of issues faced by average crypto traders. Primarily, the network was designed to alleviate onboarding and new investor confusion. When new investors enter the decentralized economy, the flood of new terms, services, and features can be overwhelming. 

Bitrue features an easy-to-navigate interface that removes all the technical barriers from the most common trading and DeFi features. The desire to streamline these activities can be seen in features such as One Step Buy/Sell. This strategy makes the Bitrue exchange ideal for new traders seeking more clarity.

  • High Fees

Another major concern of developers was to reduce fees. Bitrue offers some of the lowest fees of a centralized exchange. Specifically, the fees on the majority of trading pairs are 0.098%.

  • Flexibility

Bitrue supports an excellent selection of fiat currencies. You can load your account using USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, AUD, CHF, and MXN. Traders can also buy crypto directly using Mastercard or VISA credit cards. This added flexibility provides access to a broader trading community. In turn, the exchange enjoys deeper liquidity.

Bitrue Exchange Features and Benefits

Bitrue is a forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange that brings a lot of benefits to the table. For one, the platform provides multiple ways for users to improve their ROIs. There’s also a variety of staking options to provide you with a passive income. Additionally, the exchange’s native token, BTR, provides another way for users to earn through appreciation.

  • Secure

Security is a top priority at Bitrue. The developers built the platform from the ground up to provide trustworthy digital asset management services to the masses. This approach helped the network to expand its reach quickly. As a result, Bitrue operates as a global decentralized ecosystem encompassing over 160 markets, with diversified feature support for many tokens.

Bitrue Mechanics

The Bitrue network consists of multiple systems that work together to improve the user experience. The network combines a digital exchange, decentralized lending, staking, and more. In this way, Bitrue users can safely expand their cryptocurrency investment strategy.

The Bitrue Exchange

The main service provided by Bitrue is an advanced exchange. The Bitrue exchange features a wide variety of supported assets. There are trading pairs against BTC, USDT, XRP, and ETH. Notably, Bitrue is the leading exchange in XRP pairs. Additionally, there are some interactive charting tools to help you fine-tune your approach. 


Another prime feature offered by Bitrue is its lending services. Decentralized lending is one of the fastest-growing sectors in DeFi. These systems eliminate banks from the equation. Instead, regular users provide loans to other users in exchange for interest payments. In addition, the integration of large yield generating lending pools enables these networks to provide lenders with protection against loss. 

One of the biggest advantages of P2P lending is that it enables traders to retain their assets and gain more market exposure. In addition, once you repay the loan, you receive your collateral back in full. For HODLers, this is the best option to free up locked-up funding.

Power Piggy

The Power Piggy pool is an advanced staking feature designed to entice BTR token holders to HODL. This pool pays out higher rewards than other staking pools: the more BTR you hold, the higher your rewards. In addition, users who are holding BTR can also earn a VIP cap, giving them unfettered access to convenient investments at any time.

BTR Lockups

BTR lockups provide users access to staking pools. The network supports a selection of pools, including BTC, VET, USDC, MDX, RSR, and many more. Staking is the act of locking your cryptocurrency into an investment pool for a preset time. The longer you stake, and the more coins you lock up, the higher your rewards. 

Staking is considered a much easier alternative to trading for new users. It requires very little research compared to learning market trends and players. Additionally, the rewards are far more consistent than day trading. 

BTR – The Bitrue Token

The native token for Bitrue is BTR. This token is a multi-chain asset. You need to hold BTR to interact with the advanced features of the platform. Additionally, you can save on fees using BTR. Recently, the network launched BTR on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This expansion helped drive the utility and value of the token higher.

  • Deflationary

Bitrue incorporates some deflationary mechanisms to control the BTR token value better. The platform performs quarterly burns as part of this strategy. On occasion, the developers organize larger burns as well. For example, there was a special BTR Burn of 50,000,000 completed earlier in 2021.  

Bitrue Insurance Funds

The network also utilizes insurance funds. Bitrue established an insurance fund by implementing multi-sig wallets with an amount of assets that exceed the value of the coins in their hot wallets at any time. If a security breach results in user funds being lost from Bitrue’s hot wallets, users will be reimbursed using the insurance fund. Moreover, Bitrue is the first exchange to keep these addresses open for public viewing, as they believe full transparency is the best way to build trust.

History of the Bitrue Exchange

Bitrue entered the market in July 2018. The network has since seen rapid adoption. The platform was founded by a group of technology enthusiasts who believe that cryptocurrencies are a once-in-a-generation technology that truly has the power to change how our world and economic systems operate.

Bitrue – Everything You Need to Participate in the Digital Economy

Bitrue offers users a selection of valuable features that can’t be ignored. In addition, the network has proven to be secure, and the developers continually update the features available. For these reasons, Bitrue exchange is set to continue to see growing adoption for the foreseeable future. 

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