Beginners Guide to CryptoWolf Cross Chain Exchange Review

Exchange Reviews / 21.05.2019

Founded in 2018 in Bulgaria, CryptoWolf is a cross-chain non-custodial exchange platform focused on making the process of exchanging tokens into a fast, easy and private endeavor. Traders will be delighted to learn that CryptoWolf aims to make the transaction as fair priced as possible. Cryptocurrencies can be bought at market price, without having to pay hidden or high fees.

How Does CryptoWolf Stand Out

CryptoWolf’s team has implemented a number of features to help it get ahead of its competitors. These include:

  • Fast: CryptoWolf uses ever-evolving algorithms, making it possible to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies at the best market price available at a staggering speed. With an average of 3 minutes to create your transaction hash, it has the fastest exchange process in the industry to date!
  • Private: Privacy is one of the most important elements that CryptoWolf focuses on. Users will not have to register, or leave any unnecessary information behind. Only the very essentials will be asked. CryptoWolf will do everything else. Besides that, it is also important to note that CryptoWolf if fully GDPR compliant.
  • Fair prices: CryptoWolf uses advanced algorithms to ensure users will get the best real-time available prices offered on the open market. CryptoWolf does not have any hidden fees, or base fees. The user is shown the exact amount of crypto he or she will receive, making sure there are no hidden “surprises”.
  • Coin diversity: One of the highlights of the CryptoWolf’s exchange platform is the diversity of coins being offered. In addition to the more popular cryptocurrencies such as Dash, EOS, XRP or, naturally, Bitcoin, CryptoWolf especially stands out in the availability of some more unknown and harder to acquire cryptocurrencies.

CryptoWolf offers a couple of cryptocurrencies that aren’t readily available on the bigger exchanges, making it an interesting platform to use instead of having to register on one of the more obscure and potentially less secure exchanges.  In total CryptoWolf offers 86 different cryptocurrencies on their platform and this number keeps growing!

How to Use CryptoWolf

Another strong selling point CryptoWolf is offering, is the ease of using their platform. You will be able to swap your coins in a three steps process. You just need to choose the coins to swap, enter the receiving address of the cryptocurrency of choice and a refund address in case something might have gone wrong. After entering the required information you will be transferred to another window showing the address to send your cryptocurrencies to that you want to exchange.

Once you sent the desired amount, CryptoWolf will gather the coins for you and send them towards your address. That’s it!

The more observant reader has probably noticed that you can also use US Dollar to buy cryptocurrencies; CryptoWolf uses a special extension to buy cryptocurrencies with both your debit and credit cards. This service requires no registration, however, does need email, mobile phone number and card details to be used to buy the coins.

Closing Thoughts

CryptoWolf makes sure that the process of buying your favorite coins is as easily and fast as possible using one of the most advanced systems around. Buying cryptocurrencies that are not on your go-to exchange can often be a real hassle, as you need to make a new account to who knows which shady exchange, wait for your coins to arrive and wait for the exchanges confirmation to send your newly acquired coins. CryptoWolf eliminates this tedious course by doing all the busy work for you, and to top it off it gives you the best buck for your money without any hidden fees.

There are enough coins to be exchanged, and even when you are just looking to switch some of that fiat money into cryptocurrencies, CryptoWolf has got you covered. We believe CryptoWolf offers a top notch service, and that’s why we fully endorse them by offering their exchange on our site.

Useful Links

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