AstroKitten: A BSC-Based Community Focused Deflationary Meme Coin

Project Reviews / 17.06.2021

Astrokitten recently launched a community-focused token ($KITTEN) designed to create income for the average user. Banking on its utility and safety features, the token is set to reach the moon, thus ensuring its token holders earn lucrative returns.

Meme coins have recently gained traction in the crypto world, with thousands of crypto enthusiasts making vast profits. Elon Musk is one of the stakeholders who has been behind the recent hype in meme tokens.  

Astrokitten wants to share in the meme coin and crypto growth by offering a kitten meme token that is more reliable than other coins. 

How Does it Work?

The process of investing in the Astrokitten network is straightforward, involving only a few basic steps. Foremost, after registering into the platform and its services, you need to buy the $KITTEN token found in the Pancakeswap DEX

After buying the tokens, you need to hold the token for a period of time to earn rewards; the longer your hold and the larger the value of investments, the bigger the chance of earning. 

The rewards are apportioned to the holders after the completion of each transaction in the network. Astrokitten will be charging a 10% tax on every $Kitten transaction. Out of the 10%, 7.5% is a reward to token holders. The remaining 2.5% helps in adding liquidity to liquidity pools. 

The taxes reflected by the holders (7.5%) prove to be an excellent staking option for the average user. Therefore investors are invited to participate in this platform and stand a chance to earn the best incomes.

$KITTEN – Deflationary Token

A token must have a perpetual deflationary mechanism set to ensure it increases in value. There should be a way to continuously force the tokens to increase in value by driving demand and reducing supply through burning. To aid in achieving this, Astrokitten has set burning mechanisms in place.

The predetermined number of tokens that Astrokitten minted is one quadrillion. At launch, 65% of the tokens (650 trillion) were readily burnt. In the future, the platform will continually burn more tokens to reach perpetual value growth. The remaining 35% of the tokens (350 trillion) will go to circulation. 

Convenience and Usability

The Astrokitten network aims to foster convenience and user-friendliness to the users. Foremost, this platform has designed a highly user-friendly interface to ensure that users can quickly move around the platform. 

The choice of blockchain also helps Astriokitten provide excellent services. Most Defi platforms leverage the Ethereum smart chain in delivering services. However, Ethereum gas charges have increased vastly since mid-2020, and there is an increasing issue of lacking scale. Therefore, all platforms using Etherum smart chain are affected by huge costs and slow services. 

Astrokitten is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The BSC is a more efficient alternative to the Ethereum chain. BSC offers services at highly favorable gas fees, and transactions take a shorter time, thus making it more convenient. 

Astrokitten Protecting its Users

This network is protecting users from various attacks that could happen. Foremost, the Astrokitten smart contract was audited by Techrate, a popular blockchain solution, and consulting platform. 

This platform did a thorough analysis of the Astrokitten network, where they did not find any serious issue. A link to this audit report is posted on the Astrokitten web to assure investors of security and remain transparent. 

Due to the taxes instilled in every transaction on the platform, market manipulation of $Kitten will result in more costs than incomes. Therefore it will utterly discourage any investors looking to manipulate prices. 

AstroKitten – Deflationary Memecoin

The platform has a lot planned for the immediate and long-term future. According to their roadmap, in the coming months, Astrokitten will focus a lot of energy on marketing and advertising using Tiktok campaigns, Twitter trends, Youtube raids, and more listings. 

In the 4rth quarter of 2021, Astrokitten will create a community wallet, an NFT marketplace, and a streaming platform for gamers. To get further updates as the platform grows, follow their Twitter, Telegram, and Tiktok community pages to update their future.

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