Introduces Excellent NFT Opportunities for Art Enthusiasts

Project Reviews / 28.04.2021 is a crypto NFT network designed to help and connect artists, investors, gallerists, and art fans. The platform will help connect users globally with services like exchanges, auctions, buying and selling tokens with an artistic value.

NFTs are some forms of digital ownership documents for Art, including music, paintings, and videos. Generally, NFT gives artists an option to grow their potential over years while all their Art is appreciated.

The idea of NFT is already gaining momentum, with small pieces of Art being sold at super high prices, some as high as $60 million. is therefore working hard towards the achievement of a highly functional platform. is built by combining the concept of blockchain technology with the idea of digital art. The primary function of the platform will be to ensure that art finds a platform where it can freely interact with technology.

The art found in the platform will use the principle of exclusivity in that a person who owns the art enjoys the exclusive usage of this art.

This exclusivity principle is way better than the other conventional ways where art’s value is measured by the artist’s talent, reputation, and other people’s opinions. Using exclusive ownership, the asset’s value is seen by the persons who appreciate them and own them. has its native token dubbed the ART token, whose reliability is assured because of the Binance Smart Chain base. This art token will act as the center for all the platform’s services. Participants and holders of the ART tokens will have the right to participate in the platform’s governance to steer it in the right direction. Offering Top Convenience launches a top functional platform with the best user interface to ensure that all the platforms users enjoy the services. decided to use the Binance Smart Chain as its hub for all its services to foster convenience and usability.

The Binance smart chain was introduced in late 2020 as an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, the Ethereum blockchain is loaded with problems, the topmost being massive gas charges. Some say that the gas fees have increased over 1000% in the past year, and the costs increase every other day.

However, Binance Smart Chain, as a hub of Defi, provides services at way lower charges. Therefore,’s idea of leveraging the BSC will help protect the users and game participants from super-high fees.

Moreover, because of growth in the number of platforms using the Ethereum network, there have been increasing scalability issues. However, using the BSC chain, will provide its users with a highly scalable network, making the platform top scalable.

Moreover, since the BSC can interact with all Ethereum wallets, users won’t need to open new wallets. Artists in the platform will enjoy interactions within the marketplace.

Join the Staking Game is launching a game starting April 29th, 2021, whose players will stand a chance of winning unique and original NFT artworks.  The idea of creating this game is to increase blockchain education and ensure the ART project gains mainstream acceptance. Generally, this game is part of a marketing program.

This gamification game will be launched to provide the average user ample opportunity to access the best art pieces. The game will come to an end on May 13th and will afterward announce the winners.

How can you participate in this game? Participants of this game must first hold some amount of the ART token from the project’s webpage. You can save these tokens in the staking manner, safely for the whole game period, after which the user will receive their tokens back. Moreover, you are advised to have the Metamask wallet to hold your platform.

Users will stand a chance to win 20 NFTs. Therefore, there will be 20 winners on the platform, each of whom will gain one piece of the NFT after the stake. The winners will be selected based on the number of tokens they hold and the length of their stake.

Since the game starts on the 29th, staking will begin on the same day and end on May 13th. You can now join the art tokens and be ready for the upcoming game and, finally, the rewards. With no cost at all, all the tokens used to play the game will get back to their owners for them to use in this new and innovative project that is

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