Aqualair: Latest Blockchain Protocol Based on Ethereum Technology

Project Reviews / 31.03.2021

Aside from the financial system, applications of blockchain technology have proven to be beyond limitless. It’s no surprise that the same tenet is translated to the buzzing world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Various DeFi projects are being launched every single day, promising to solve real-life challenges using blockchain technology. Aqualair is the latest blockchain protocol based on Ethereum technology. 

According to the project’s website, the platform debuts a new ecosystem in the blockchain space pioneered by environmental principles. The dev team kept in mind the perks of preserving the environment, including aquatic biota and its surroundings. How can that be achieved, you ask? Well, Aqualair integrates several crypto services, notably price stability, staking, Dapp, mining, and a game based on NFT. The platform facilitates users to exchange across different Exchange-Listing markets with High-Liquidity seamlessly. The protocol also supports Governance and Consensus, making it easier for users to control their assets on the platform via voting. 

Read on to find out more about this platform. 

Aqualair Project Overview

Aqualair is formed from a combination of two words: Aqua and Lair. “Aqua” is a word for water, while “Lair” refers to a resting place, a hiding place, or even a nest of a creature that it occupies. The project was created to create awareness and appreciate the environment. As per the whitepaper, Aqualair introduces the water world’s diversity, where the entire ocean and aquatic creatures have not been explored to the fullest. 

Aqualair is based on DeFi and Transparency and supports AMM (automated-market-maker), making it easy for users to contribute to LP (Liquidity-Provider). The platform explores multiple use-cases and cross-border operations seamlessly. The platform integrates a cross-chain concept with a bridge path to multiple blockchain accesses while allowing the users to have complete control over their investments. 

Aqualair Project targets blockchain enthusiasts who are mindful of the environment, beauty, and the Aquatic ecosystem. The project creators believe that a healthy and clean environment will create an ecosystem that benefits all parties and its aspects. As such, the Aqualair project wants to create a unified and sustainable cryptocurrency community across multiple platforms in the long run. 

The Team behind Aqualair Project

The Aqualair Project team remains anonymous. Nonetheless, according to the website, the team consists of diverse people with vast knowledge in the blockchain space. The team’s mission and vision are to create awareness of the environment, notably the aquatic biota. It believes that public awareness is crucial in creating a healthy ecosystem. 

Aqualair Project Key Features

Aqualair Project combines several features, notably staking, mining, gaming, and NFT, providing better functionality in a single ecosystem. 

Yield Farming

Aqualair Project features yield farming where users stake Aqualair token (AQLR) and become Liquidity Providers (LP) in the ecosystem earning rewards in return. The platform doesn’t set a minimum staking amount, but each holder is required to have a minimum limit of 30% APY to be part of the chain. 

Breeding (NFT)

Aqualair Project introduces a new concept in the blockchain space, i.e., NFT breeding. This concept involves the generation of NFTs (non-fungible-tokens), listed on the main market with a different or same use case to the parent token. Users can participate in the NFT breeding program and “grow” their NFT tokens in ecosystem habitats. 

Currently, the platform has different hash-rates for each NFT issued on the platform. Each NFT has its own function and represents various use-cases, i.e., crypto-collectibles, digital artwork, a ticket to an event, in-game item, item virtual, and real-world asset, among others. 


Aqualair Project integrates a Decentralized Application (dapp) for real-life use cases. The platform leverages a complementary component on its Dapp feature, providing users with transparent and easy-to-use features without the constraints of using constant lines. The project plans to create a Dapp gaming platform that every user on the platform can participate in. 


The Aqualair Project combines the NFT elements with gaming giving more value to gamers. The platform offers a real-use-case feature enabling users to benefit from the element of “value” and have a supporting factor through games that facilitate interaction between users. 

Aqualair Token (AQLR)

Aqualair is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a multi-functional token (DeFi) that can be used to accomplish several use cases on the Aqualair platform. 


Token Name: Aqualair 

Ticker Symbol: AQLR 

Network: Ethereum 2.0 

Type: ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155

Total Supply: 21,000,000 AQLR

Token Distribution

Aqualair token distribution

  • Pool- 50% of AQLR is allocated to the Aqualair pool to support staking and NFT breeding, referred to as mining. Already, 50% of the total supply has been locked by Trustswap and will be used later to benefit the community. 
  • Public Sale– 24% is allocated toward public sales, which will be locked for some time. 
  • Exchange & Liquid– 16% is allocated to meet the fundamental needs of the project, considering it’s just starting in a new market 
  • Research and Development– 5% of the tokens are allocated towards novelty and innovation. These funds are needed for continuous innovation to make the platform more efficient and better. 
  • Airdrop & Giveaway– 5% of the total token supply is given to the community to empower them without reducing respect for users who participate in the Public Sales program. 

Initial Liquidity Offering (Presale)

Aqualair Project kicked off its presale on 23rd March 2021. At the time of writing, the presale is ongoing and will end on 5th April 2021. Details of the presale are:

Open Price: 1 AQLR: 0.0001ETH 

Presale Amount: 5.040.000 AQLR 

Soft Cap: 50ETH

Hard Cap: 450ETH 

The presale is currently live on the Unicrypt Network. According to token sale details, participants will:  

  • Become members of Public Sales and get early access to the market. 
  • Get the opportunity to claim NFT at the program’s opening that will be held later.
  • All users who participate in the presale get exclusive privileges throughout the platform, provided they still use the addresses that participated in the presale. 
  • Enjoy a purchase bonus that will provide a minimum of 1 ETH. 

The total funds from the presale will be locked for 11 months. Already, 55% ETH has been raised in the liquidity lock. The remaining AQLR for sale stands at 5.04 Million.  

How to Participate in the Presale

  1. Open this link Unicrypt.
  2. Connect your wallet and ensure you have at least 0.1 ETH
  3. Make sure you have the required minimum UNCX or UNCL Token; this is for first participant/whitelist private info.
  4. After round 1 ends, round 2 will be launched for the Public.
  5. Select amount to participate on ILO (Extra Bonus’ 1 ETH’ read below)
  6. Once successful on the Pre-sale (Soft cap > Hard cap met) market will be initialized on the Uniswap platform; if HC isn’t reached, liquidity will be initialized after the end of the date/block.
  7. The function will be the same on the Swap feature, Approve, Buy and, Sell. Not restricted to the public.

Is The Aqualair Project a Scam?

Like with any other crypto project it’s hard to tell! While the team decided to remain anonymous, they took some steps to reinforce their project legitimacy in the space. Firstly, they locked 50% of its token supply via TrustSwap – a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their ERC20 coins and LP Liquidity tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault. Secondly, a third-party smart contract auditor – Rug Detectives, previously audited it. The audit report indicates that the platform is well-secured. 

Wrapping Up

Aqualair is powered by a multi-functional token (DeFi) that users’ can use for their needs. Aqualair is a new protocol with blockchain concepts and innovations that seeks to create public awareness on the importance of conserving the environment. Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses as per the roadmap. 

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