António Guterres Says The UN Needs to Embrace Blockchain

News / 28.12.2019

António Guterres has commented on the necessity of the United Nations to adopt blockchain technology. This comment was revealed in a Forbes report on December 28. Guterres thinks that the technology should be one of those utilized by the organization.

According to him, the adoption is important for improved delivery of the organization’s mandate in the digital age and for accelerated success of Sustainable Development Goals.

Guterres who is the secretary-general of the organization has been speaking highly of the potential of blockchain technology. A report by Cointelegraph in the seventh month of 2018 revealed his creation of a “High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation” that purposely place blockchain technology on the agenda.

Besides, he spoke in Sep. 2018 about the way technology such as blockchain can solve the problem of declining trust in national institutions, among states as well as in a rule-based international order. However, he did not fail to point out the demerits of cryptos:

“Organized criminal networks lurk on the dark web, profiting from encryption and near-anonymous cryptocurrency payments to traffic in people and illegal goods.”

Likewise, another official of the organization known as Neil Wals cautioned that crypto does not make it easy to combat money laundering.

There has been a remarkable growth in the use of blockchain by the organization since Guterres developed the digital cooperation program. Another report by Cointelegraph noted the launch of a blockchain tool by the organization, for the prevention of the exploitation of migrant workers in Hong Kong.

Reports in July this year highlighted the organization’s ongoing efforts on blockchain solutions to achieve sustainable urban development in Afghanistan.

In conclusion, another official of the organization in charge of a specialized agency for aviation said that blockchain technology might provide immense benefits across aviation systems worldwide.


Featured image credits: AP Photo/Jennifer Peltz, WP. Source: Cryptopress.

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