Ant Financial Plans to Unravel Its Enterprise Blockchain Platform

News / 08.01.2020

Based on recent reports, the Enterprise Blockchain platform’s launch has been confirmed following its launch by Ant Financial. The platform’s primary focus is directed at enterprises and is termed as “Ant Blockchain Open Alliance,” which is generally an Alibaba affiliate. 

Comments by the Ant Financial Group Vice President 

Following the Ant Financial Group vice president’s review, Jiang Guofei made it on the 8th of January. He stipulated the full operational chain’s expected to launch that was presided by the beta version launch in November in the prior year. He revealed his comments and future expectations of the Ant Financial Group at the group’s annual media meeting. Furthermore, he stated that the beta version has successfully been tested based on its full publicity and anticipations of the launch is to be expected in this year’s time frame, and will be going online in a month. 

Also, from his comments on the matter in the annual meeting, Jiang Guofei clarified that the Ant Blockchain would be the first of its kind. Its launch in the industry will open a group chain that will share the platform to utilize the rights, helping the small business enterprises and the micro-businesses. Finally, it will assist and support both developers and inventors who enter the blockchain market at lower prices and create their applications. 

The vice president announced the launch concerning the chain developed in late 2018. His claims were directed at elaborating on the activities that would follow this event, such as the opening up of respective company technologies about a broader commercial sector. The company also followed up by launching its blockchain service platform to successfully test trial runs of the beta version in the 2016 summer period. 

Company Progress

Based on the term clearly stated as “open” used in the platform’s title, its clarification was done during the beta version launch by a senior member of the company in November 2019. It was based on a clear and accurate selection of operator nodes, in light of forming a value network that is also plausible following the requirements that are presided by accounting nodes that are consensus, offering endorsements that are also authoritative. Last year’s reports showed the company’s widened participation in blockchain development and were a part of $10 million Series A. 

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