Akbank, Turkish-Based Bank Integrates Directly with Binance

News / 02.03.2020

Binance recently announced its partnership with the largest Turkish Bank, Akbank. Binance is a top crypto exchange in terms of volume.

The collaboration will allow Turkish users to withdraw and deposit Turkish Lira (TRY) instantly on Binance through desktop and iOS App with low fees. Earlier, Binance announced support for the Turkish Lira on its platform for Turkish citizens.

Zhao’s Views on Akbank Integration with Binance

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, pointed out that the exchange is expanding the available options to reduce the entry barrier to crypto trading. He stated that this is part of Binance’s mission to keep on inclining the freedom of money globally and significantly in a country increasing in digital assets adoption.

Additionally, Zhao said that the availability and process of investing, exchanging, and trading crypto would become more and more seamless as the industry scales with Binance’s products and services. Of late, Binance is partnering and getting various crypto businesses to provide access to crypto worldwide. The exchange aims to create more avenues of purchasing crypto with fiat effortlessly.

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