AI Meme Content Creators To Benefit From New DeFi Revenue Model

News / 31.03.2020
  • Alethea AI now allows contributors to stake Dai in “Meme Pools” and content creators earn interest based on contributors staking
  • Meme Pools on the platform enable communities to create their own synthetic media 
  • Alethea to partner with other stablecoin projects to assimilate more stablecoins into their platform

On March 30, 2020, an announcement on Medium revealed that Alethea AI’s users can now leverage a new smart contracts revenue model to support their favorite synthetic AI-generated memes creators. 

Users staking Dai can generate interest through the protocol, and this revenue can then be used to sponsor the making of new fake digital memes. Interestingly, users on the platform don’t have to engage any 3rd party and can easily unstake their DAI in a permissionless way.

In addition, users who stake their Dai tokens to support content creation are compensated with ALE tokens and have a chance to vote on new AI-generated memes or commission the creation of new synthetic deep fakes directly.

Interest is generated using another DeFi protocol called Compound.Finance. Users can remove their staked coins after 24 hours, and the owner of Meme Pool gets to keep the accrued interest.

Therefore, instead of advertisements and sponsored content, content creators can leverage Alethea to generate a constant flow of income. 

More Stablecoin Projects Could Join Soon

Alethea AI was designed to enable users and community groups to launch their own meme creator profiles on Alethea AI’s blockchain platform so that they can benefit from Meme Pools and leverage existing AI technologies. 

As per today’s announcement, Alethea AI will be collaborating with other projects to integrate more stablecoins on its platform in the near future.

Alethea is the world’s pioneering decentralized synthetic media network, allowing anybody to design and monetize AI-generated media ranging from memes to videos to audio to full-fledged movies in a trusted environment.

Meme creators on the platform have been impressive, creating amusing deep fakes of individuals ranging from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Binance CEO, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. 

This venture is not the first that is tapping the potential of yield-accruing cryptos. A comparable platform dubbed rDai also lets users point yield streams at a content creator of their liking. 

Welcome to Meme Pools

Meme Pools combine state-of-the-art algorithms for video and audio manipulation with a fresh way of financing high-quality content creation.

This new model and “no-cost sponsoring” approach allows content creators to earn interest in Dai for creating/editing any digital media with learning algorithms, in a collaborative and decentralized model for synthetic content production. 

Featured image courtesy of Althea AI Medium. Source: Cryptopress.

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