Abyss Finance – Simplifying Investing While Promoting Decentralization

Project Reviews / 10.03.2021

Abyss Finance is a blockchain financial solutions provider seeking efficient alternatives to both the centralized and DeFi sectors. The platform operates across a wide selection of industries, including NFTs, crowdfunding, Ethereum 2.0 validator hosting, and DeFi staking. The platform continues to expand its products and services to meet these industries’ growing demands. 

Benefits of Abyss Finance

The developers behind Abyss Finance attempt to fix many issues currently plaguing the market, including removing technical and financial barriers to crypto adoption. The network has brought some significant upgrades into its ecosystem through a combination of proprietary technologies, such as the platform’s ETH2 depositor mechanism. 

  • Security

At the forefront of Abyss’s mission is to provide a secure place for users to conduct critical activities on the blockchain. The network features a host of options that benefit users and companies alike.

  • Transparency

Abyss Finance provides a high level of transparency to its users via decentralized systems. Users gain the ability to track their transactions in real-time and the performance of the overall network. In this way, you gain more confidence in your investments and more accountability across the board. 

  • Ease-of-Use

Another major draw for Abyss Finance is its simplified onboarding process. For tasks such as staking or participating in the ETH 2.0 network, Abyss Finance provides users a streamlined onboarding process with fewer technical requirements. 

  • Decentralization

Abyss Finance operates across multiple industries, intending to leverage a decentralized approach. Whether you are a gamer or looking to secure a passive income staking your crypto, Abyss Finance’s system’s design ensures that everyone benefits from their participation in the ecosystem.

How Does Abyss Finance Work

Many aspects of Abyss Finance work together to make this blockchain-based network unique. The platform provides companies with access to a more efficient crowdfunding strategy. Additionally, Abyss helps to alleviate many of the barriers faced by ETH 2.0 validators via its free ETH 2.0 hosting options. The platform also saves ETH 2.0 users fees via its Depositor feature, allowing you to streamline multiple deposits to the network. You can also stake your tokens and secure a passive income. In this way, Abyss Finance has diversified its strategy to cover a broad spectrum of sectors in need of more transparency and a more efficient onboarding process.

ETH2 Depositor

Abyss Finance recently launched is its ETH2 depositor. This tool helps users make multiple deposits to ETH 2.0 Deposit Contracts in one batch. ETH 2.0 is seen as one of the most significant upgrades this year within the blockchain sector. The upgrade will shift the world’s second-largest Proof-of-Work network over to a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

The change will introduce new benefits to ETH users, including the ability to stake your ETH and receive rewards. Although the recent spike in gas prices has made ETH transactions more expensive than ever,  ETH 2.0 users will enjoy lower deposit fees utilizing the Abyss Finance ETH2 depositor because they streamline their transactions and pay a single gas fee. 

NFT Marketplace

Abyss Finance also has its foot in the Non-Fungible token market via its marketplace. Nun-fungible tokens are one of the fastest-growing token types in the blockchain sector. Fungibility refers to the ability to switch one piece of currency for another. For example, gold is a fungible asset or USD. One ounce of gold has the same value as any other ounce of gold as long as it’s the same purity.

Non-fungible tokens differ in that they are not interchangeable; each token is unique in nature. NFT tokens can represent a wide selection of items, including real-world assets, such as cars, paintings, or real estate. They can also represent digital assets, like in-game property, vehicles, characters, originals of videos, ownership rights, and works of art.  

Integrating an NFT marketplace into the Abyss ecosystem was wise because it allows the gaming platform to provide more value to users. The NFT market now encompasses a growing selection of token standards. Each new standard compartmentalizes the market further. Abyss provides an inclusive marketplace that eliminates the friction created by these multiple standards. Specifically, the network leverages the Abyss Token as a connecting link between the most popular NFT protocols.


Another feature worthy of note is the staking protocols. Staking is a process in which users lock their crypto into a smart contract in exchange for rewards. Abyss Finance supports multi-tiered staking. Users can join as Guilds or Syndicates depending on their staking commitments. Guilds are community members that dedicate funds to further the development of the network. Syndicates operate as a fundraising mechanism that helps further the most promising projects in the ecosystem.


Abyss Finance also supports the use of Masternodes. The network offers two Masternodes options. The first, Lunar Nodes, require a user to lock up 100,000 ABYSS to receive rewards. Lunar nodes are unique in that they rely on nano-based satellite nodes to maintain the blockchain’s state. 

The second and more profitable option available to users is called Solar Nodes. To be eligible for this node, you will need to lock up 500,000 ABYSS. Solar nodes rely on solar energy to reduce operating costs and provide a green alternative to the market. 


The DAICO feature is perhaps the most significant upgrade that Abyss Finance brings to the table. This protocol seeks to eliminate many of the downsides of initial coin offerings (ICO). Specifically, this new fundraising model merges the top benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with Ethereum Smart Contracts. A DAOs offer network participants a premier role in determining the operations of the platform. Users gain the ability to vote on all corporate-related issues. In this way, the network can provide a more transparent and decentralized crowdfunding strategy to the entire industry. 

Referral System

To further drive traffic to Abyss Finance’s network, developers have introduced a very competitive referral program. Users earn rewards when they successfully direct new users to the ecosystem. In this way, Abyss hopes to increase public knowledge and push its user base to new heights. 

Gaming Platform

One of the leading industries that Abyss has chosen to work within is the gaming sector. The company’s #TheAbyss gaming platform introduces a new type of gaming network that shares its revenue with users. The platform saw considerable growth since its launch last year. 

There are already 50+ gaming titles available to users, with many more scheduled for release in the coming weeks. Abyss Finance has strategic partnerships with multiple game developers such as Indie Game Studios to accomplish this monumental task. Today, users have access to an excellent selection.


ABYSS is the main utility and governance token of the network. This token allows users to participate in all of the network’s features. You can pay fees, and you receive rewards in ABYSS. There is currently 228,664,903 ABYSS in circulation.

Where to Find ABYSS

Abyss’s developers have gone to great lengths to ensure their token is easily accessible to everyone. Currently, you can find this digital asset on a variety of top exchanges, including HitBTC, Uniswap (V2), and Bittrex.

Abyss Finance – A Smart Alternative for 2021 Crypto Investors

It only takes a glance at all the features Abyss Finance offers to realize that this network provides a much-needed value to the market. The platform offers secure ETH2 depositor and validator hosting services, staking protocols, an NFT marketplace, and an aggressive referral program. In this way, Abyss Finance demonstrates to the crypto community its commitment to helping you secure a passive income. You can expect to hear a lot more from this team in the coming weeks as the platform continues to take flight. 

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