A Look into The Best Crypto Wallets for DigiByte (DGB)

Handy Tips / 07.10.2020

Wallets provide a haven for users to store, send, and receive digital coins. Users can transact on a global scale via crypto wallets without boundaries between countries, administrative divisions, or other areas. Furthermore, virtual wallets nowadays scrap the need to use physical wallets, hence enforcing everyone’s security measures. One of the coins with such creative wallets architecture is DigiByte. It is an open-source currency running on blockchain technology that integrates communication, security, and network systems.

What Are the Best DigiByte Wallets?

DigiByte (DGB) boasts as the most convenient payment method available. The open-source platform works on a consensus network whereby no one owns the DigiByte company. So which are the best crypto wallets for the DigiByte ecosystem? 

Jax Liberty

Jax Liberty is a better version of the JAX wallet based on the user response; the new JAX liberty wallet is substantial progress over the older Jax wallet. Additionally, JAX Liberty can sync across desktop and mobile devices. You can create an extension from the chrome web browser for easy access. 

Jax wallet can store 85 cryptocurrencies inclusive of DGB. Both Android and desktop systems can access Jax Liberty. It is a multi-currency that gives you access to private keys, ensuring anyone’s currency’s security.

DigiByte Go Wallet

This wallet is a chrome extension which is safe enough to store your digital holdings. It has useful features, such as an easy setup that takes minutes. Sending DGB through this wallet is fast with low fees, and finally, it has a simple user interface, which makes it even easier to send and receive DGB coins. 


Exodus wallet is considered one of the most straightforward software wallets to use, Created by Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson. Although it has tough competition from the already available software wallets, Exodus’s designers went ahead. They made a user-friendly wallet, which makes the crypto experience easier for new cryptocurrency users. 

There are several benefits associated with this wallet, which include

  • The software wallet is easy to use 
  • Customer support is available.
  • There are multiple cryptocurrency choices 
  • It is a software-based wallet
  • Exodus has built-in exchange features 

However, there is one significant downside to this wallet since reports show relatively high fees. On the bright side, it is possible to restore your Exodus wallet if it’s damaged, lost, or stolen. 

You can restore your wallet through several simple steps, as explained by the wallet. A factor to note in the situation is that Exodus allows free trials before backing up. In such a way, you will have decided if the wallet is best for you or not.

Whether desktop or mobile, the backup function is available to help you recover funds in case of any trouble. It involves noting down a 12-word password on paper. The wallet further advises the insecurity surrounding the storage of passwords online since they can be accessible to hackers. 

Finally, the option appears as soon as you make your first deposit, despite the amount. For a more detailed guide, visit its support center here.


Edge wallet is a mobile-only multi-currency developed by the former Airbitz team released in February 2018 for iOS and Android and has some high-end security features. The wallet is visceral to use and has various apps such as buying, exchanging, and spending cryptocurrency.

Edge wallet is easy to use since you could create an account within two minutes and begin using it. Restoration of edge wallets is easy since it allows a user to install an edge on any android or iOS device and restore your wallet by just using the username and password.

Edge UI is considered easy to use and navigate because Edge was designed with four main screens instead of endless page options. Edge has many more features, and you’ll be more equipped when you have an account.


One of the oldest multi-platforms, multi-chain cryptocurrency wallets available and trusted by millions of users, is Coinomi. It enforces the most inviolable standards of privacy and security. A user’s data is not collected while their IP addresses are also obfuscated for complete privacy. Translation in Coinomi is in over 25 languages. Users get to control their UXTOs and their transaction fees fully. It is also one of the first wallets to render native segwit to multiple blockchains such as Digibyte.

Author’s Note

Crypto wallets are seemingly gaining more popularity and adoption levels. The innovative features built on each wallet aims to revolutionize the traditional payments systems. However, most digital wallets differ from each other based on their functionalities. Some are designed to suit a user’s everyday needs. 

As for the DigiByte network, security and faster payments are among their core objectives. Designing the wallets with a friendly interface attracts more users to conduct their trading activities on the platform. Leveraging the modernized blockchain technology consequently gives DigiByte a greater chance to thrive in the crypto markets. 

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.