A Look into DettaPay, A Reliable Crypto-Fiat Payment Platform

Project Reviews / 30.09.2020

The global payment and trade system is currently undergoing a revolution, especially since bitcoin inception in 2009. More crypto payment options join the crypto world every year, all with unique functionalities, but aiming to act as a value store. 

However, most unveiled platforms focus on giving tokens as mediums of exchange but remain imperfect as a value store. Some inflate over time, while others undergo severe regular volatility leading to investors’ loss. Moreover, most of these platforms are still not enjoying a broad reach because of the increasing scams in the crypto world. However, a new platform, DettaPay, is on the rise, bringing diversity, reliability, and accessibility of a currency and trade platform.

What is DettaPay?

DettaPay is a universal payment platform, fostering payments both in the crypto and traditional currencies. It introduces a utility token dubbed DETTA, a store of value and medium of exchange, thus helping investors maintain their wealth. 

Implanting a payment platform for fiat and crypto is an excellent way of ensuring faster adoption of cryptocurrencies. DettaPay uses blockchain technology to provide users with a better trade and payment ecosystem and a secure wallet. 

DettaPay’s Features


DettaPay’s technical team focuses on merging privacy and security for its users by keeping complete anonymity of partners and clients’ details. As per their website, they will achieve that by partnering with identity protection and cybersecurity companies that ensure full data safety and zero data selling malpractices. DettaPay’s privacy will help bolster customers’ and partner’s confidence and trust on the platform.

Market Place

It’s no doubt that Amazon is the biggest online marketplace with millions of users and transactions. DettaPay will merge a marketplace akin to Amazon but introduce more unique functionalities allowing everyone globally to trade for goods and services. Although DettaPay will have its DETTA currency payment option, it will peg the prices of all commodities and services in fiat.

Wide Currency Support

The platform will make DETTA currency the main currency of exchange, and DETTA users will enjoy incentives. However, DettaPay will accept other modes of payment as long as they bolster its value. According to DettaPay, the platform will support strong fiat currencies like USD, EURO, and UK Pound. 

Benefits of Using DettaPay


The platform will enhance the accessibility of services globally by leveraging the partnering companies’ broad reach. DettaPay’s marketplace will be accessible everywhere, using an online platform. 

Decentralization of Services

DettaPay will decentralize its services by giving back data control to the users. Individuals will freely complete their trades without fear since no one will backtrace information to the bank accounts. Enhanced privacy will encourage more people to trade using the platform, thus attracting faster crypto adoption.

Easy International Trades

International trade will also surge since citizens will freely access global markets. Although different countries have limits on international trade spendings, the limitations will end with DETTA’s introduction. 

Partnerships to Bolster Trust

The DettaPay platform will partner with big companies, thus enhancing its growth to full potential. These new partners will make it easy to complete payments using DETTA tokens. 

Additionally, having well-known partners will bolster users’ value and trust in DETTA, making it a more reliable exchange and value store medium. Therefore, since its launch, DettaPay will be highly accepted by traders and customers. 

Token Presale and Distribution

The project will launch in October 2020 with 1 million DETTA, low supply to enhance scarcity, and bolster value. DettaPay’s team will announce the exact duration of the project on their telegram page soon. 

DettaPay does not plan to burn any tokens, the unsold tokens will go to marketing. The distributions of the tokens are as follows;

  • DETTA team members will receive 20% of the initial tokens. Detta will lock the team token for six months using unicrypt and other similar service providers.
  • The platform will apportion 30% of their token as part of a token sale.
  • 10% of the tokens will be reserved for staking rewards
  • 30% of the tokens will go to market, partnerships, and other small services
  • DettaPay will list 10% of the tokens to UniSwap in just about 48 hours after completing the token presale. Detta will lock the Uniswap liquidity tokens for one year. 

As time goes by, DettaPay will focus on finding more reputable exchanges to list on thus widening its reach. Moreover, although the platform’s team is currently entirely anonymous, that will change as soon as the platform fully launches for business.

In a Nutshell

Although the globe lacks a reliable fiat-crypto link, if successful, DettaPay will bring a convenient, reliable market place and fiat-crypto link. It introduces a universal payment platform similar to PayPal. Moreover, it merges a marketplace whose ultimate goal is to provide easy accessibility of goods and services globally. DettaPay plans to support the most popular fiat currencies like USD, EURO, and Pounds to ease the hassle of exchanging fiat to crypto.

It fosters transaction privacy, decentralization of services, easy international trades, and partnerships, enhancing its eventual growth. The presale launch is soon upcoming; thus, all investors can visit their page to participate in DettaPay’s ultimate development.

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.