A Gateway to Decentralized World: ETHEROS WORLD Full Review

Project Reviews / 14.05.2021

One thing synonymous with blockchain technology is its endless possibilities. From disrupting the traditional financial space to creating smart contracts that enforce an agreement between parties without intermediary involvement, blockchain is turning out to be one of the greatest innovations of our time.

Thanks to blockchain technology, it’s now possible to live in a digitally re-imagined world based on complete decentralization. This is what Etheros is all about-creating a decentralized world for a better future. The platform allows individuals to access the Etheros world – a digitally reproduced image of the Earth built on complete decentralization and enjoy several benefits. Etheros uses the basic principles of economics where individuals invest, trade, create products and services and manage their property. Here’s a user-perspective review of this innovative project. 


The world of blockchain technology never ceases to fascinate. Etheros is a well-thought-out project that seeks to create a decentralized world where everyone will have the power in their hands regardless of their social status or location. Etheros provides a solution to the various challenges facing the world surrounding us, including greed, speculations, lack of free access, social inequalities, and the depreciation of assets stored in the bank. Etheros World presents a fun and impressive economic model where anyone can own and use a place or thing, create their value and generate profit. Once fully launched, the platform will evidence the actual value of decentralization. 

Etheros Explained

Etheros is a comprehensive, decentralized world presented in a social application built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform integrates elements of virtual reality (VR) games enabling users (players) to buy or obtain space, things, or places using the native Etheros tokens (ETS), which is exchangeable to the Ethereum, and USDT (stablecoin), and other cryptocurrencies. In the Etheros world, you can become a property owner, create value, and generate substantial profits. Anything you imagine is possible in this world. For instance, you can invest in land, mine minerals, or create entirely new devices or solutions to earn substantial returns. Etheros places every possibility right in your hands. 

Etheros brings to life the concept of a decentralized world where everyone can become the owner of any property or the user of anything based on their own imagination. It creates a new social order with transparent rules giving equal opportunity to all people irrespective of their geographical location, worth or social status. 

The Idea and Team behind Etheros

According to the team, the idea to create a decentralized world in the form of a program started way back in 2008 and 2009 when Etheros’s founder, Marcin Amgierski, suffered from the infamous 2008 financial crisis that left the world economy struggling and people on the verge of bankruptcy. Following the crisis, Marcin thought of creating a tool that would protect his funds from inflation and market volatility caused mainly by bank greed. As Bitcoin and blockchain technology saw impressive success, Marcin was able to bring his idea to life through Etheros. 

Etheros has a well-known team comprising blockchain developers, programmers, marketing managers, content managers, etc. Marcin Amgierski is a blockchain developer with over seven years of actively working on blockchain projects. Other members of the team include co-founders Tomasz Mazur and Rafał Wróblewski, who are both programmers. 

Etheros Protocol

Etheros platform is built on a protocol that comprises five mechanisms: 

  • Consensus Mechanism– Etheros employs consensus mechanisms in determining the spaces forming the Etheros world. There is 1 km2 space totaling to the size of the Earth’s land surface, i.e., 148, 940, 000 Km2.  The spaces are dependent on their owners, who have complete control over them. 
  • Matter Mechanism– The Matter mechanism involves the spaces that consist entirely of matter, making up the visible world. Each user who becomes the first to acquire the given space can select the model of matter to be created: either real or virtual. Once selected, the matter can never be changed. 
  • Resource Mechanism– Like in the real world, spaces contain hidden natural resources, minerals, artifacts, oil, etc. Each space owner can explore their space to find valuable natural resources and sell them for a profit. Since the spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, owning a space gives you the right to extract, explore, obtain, sell or transfer resources.
  • Action Mechanism– This mechanism enables users (players) to take any action they deem right in the Etheros world. Through this mechanism, users can extract resources from their spaces, acquire or sell anything, explore new places, examine found objects, produce specific goods, etc. 
  • Succession Mechanism – The succession mechanism leverages smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing space owners to appoint successors who will manage their spaces or property after they’ve gone.  

In addition to the five mechanisms, Etheros also implements additional systems to provide the required infrastructure, ensuring the world is comprehensive. The additional systems are the auction system, payment system, communication system, and identity system.   

Features of Etheros

Etheros presents a fun way of investing in a decentralized world where your imagination comes to life. The platform offers comprehensive and accessible investment solutions for the ordinary person. You only need 1 dollar to start actualizing your ideas in Etheros. Some features of the platform include: 

Anonymity – In Etheros, you can be super rich and still stay anonymous. This is because the platform is privacy-focused, giving users total privacy. 

Guaranteed Security – On top of being anonymous, Etheros is fully secure. The platform leverages Ethereum, which provides smart contracts to make your assets and space safe. Once launched, the contract can never be compromised.

HODL Space and Earn Passive Income– Etheros allows users to hold spaces and sell them later at a higher value, gaining considerable profit. Users can also earn passive income on the platform by selling valuable resources from their space to those who need them to create goods and services. 

Advertisements – Etheros allows users to advertise their products and services using a creative form of advertisement. Users can advertise their enterprises in the virtual world and enhance sales and profits. 

Wealth Succession – Etheros allows users to pass on their wealth or profits to their family or friends after they’re gone. As such, you don’t need to worry about your space or the profits you’ve made. Appoint a successor and have everything sorted. 

Competition and Prestige – Like in the real world, where the rich are ranked based on their net worth, Etheros provides a similar ranking. However, since it’s entirely decentralized, individuals are required to give consent to be ranked. 

Etheros – What the Future HODLs? 

According to the platform’s roadmap, Etheros is currently looking to kickstart token distribution conducted via a private presale of ETS tokens, which started a few days ago and will run until 19 May 2021. This sale is supported by Coinbase payments and alternatively via the Binance Smart Chain blockchain (in addition to Ethereum). The latest news is that the public sale of the Etheros token will be launched on one of the International cryptocurrency exchanges in June. After a successful public sale, the next stages of the project will be the official V1 App Launch and Exchange Listing set for September 2021 and Seed Round (MVP with VR) Official Sale set for November 2021. 

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