A Complete Guide On Crypto Liquidity Providers – How does it Work?

Beginner’s Guide / 21.07.2020

The crypto industry has, for a long, been very unstable. Bitcoin, for example, has experienced episodes of very high liquidity, then later very low liquidity. Liquidity is the ability of an asset to be converted to cash. 

Recently, however, the crypto world has seen the rise of crypto liquidity providers. Who are crypto liquidity providers, why do we need them, and what do they do? We will discuss all these in detail in the sections below. 

Who are Crypto Liquidity Providers?

Crypto liquidity providers are those companies that actively participate in both sides of a security market that is the bid and offer parties. Their main job is to ensure that digital assets get a faster market for sale. They are also known as crypto market makers. They quote the price of both buying and selling an asset. They will, therefore, buy the coins if there is no market, thus creating crypto liquidity.

Why Do We Need Market Makers?

Market makers reduce the price volatility of cryptos, thus enabling market efficiency by reducing buyers’ and sellers’ gap. The price difference between the best bid and best ask is known as bid spread. 

Low liquidity assets have wide bid spreads. Market makers ensure the bid spread for particular assets is low, thus highly liquid. Markets with no market makers typically have very low liquidity. This is because asset sellers will get very low than the average market price, or buyers charged higher than the standard charges.

What Do They Do?

Good market-making practices require a perfect combination of market trading experience and technology. The technology must be high to combine thousands of orders and pair them to their most suited buyer. Market makers must be risk-takers and disciplined. 

Market making requires genius, ingenuity, and prioritizing. Proper market making will ensure that the company’s digital assets are safeguarded and maintain its market position. 

They deliver high-grade security solutions for currencies based on blockchains. They enhance trading anonymity since they have a large pool of clients and significant asset portfolios. Everyone can trade securely and remain private.

Getting the Right Crypto Liquidity Providers

Since liquidity affects individual digital assets’ value, we all want to find the best liquidity provider to ensure our digital assets’ highest liquidity. How do we find the right person? What should we look for when choosing the right market maker?

  • Honesty – Since the crypto world has seen its fair share of scams, you should check out for the money maker’s reliability and honesty. Read online reviews to be sure they conduct their businesses in the right manner.
  • Efficiency – A good crypto liquidity provider should complete their tasks in time and correctly do their work.
  • The legality of the crypto providers’ existence – Are they registered as a business, or are they just operating unlicensed. 
  • Trade infrastructure – The kind of foundation they in place will help you know if they can be effective—the better the infrastructure, the better the services.

If a market maker is not honest and efficient, you should automatically disqualify them. Look for someone who will ensure you get the right value for your digital assets.

What Do Market Makers Require To Be Effective?

Every market maker has to be useful in his work. They have to show expertise while carrying out their work. But what do crypto liquidity providers require to provide effectiveness?

  • Capital Efficiency

 To provide excellent services, they have to risk a lot of their digital assets to the hands of not so trusted parties. To succeed in doing that, they need to have the best ways to maintain their capital and make profits. They have to provide solutions that make buyers and sellers securely but still maintain their buying power. Having automated systems is vital for market providers.

  • Security

Many market participants in exchanges have lost trillions of dollars in forex market scandals and other scandals. But since blockchain transactions are permanent, it’s easier to guarantee the security of digital assets. Proper protection for market providers requires excellent handling of digital keys and other numeric entry passwords. That will enable market makers to guarantee market traders their total safety and anonymity while trading online.

  • Risk Mitigation

Since they face many risks from credit unworthy customers, market makers should have a third party to mitigate risks. This third party will assure them of the creditworthiness of persons.


Market makers in the crypto world have long existed and proven to be a security source for individual digital assets. Trading in the crypto world is quite hard, especially if you are inexperienced. 

Market makers are an ‘outsourced’ agency that will ensure that your crypto trade is successful. More or so, by using crypto liquidity providers, you get liquidity advantages, thus maintaining your cryptocurrencies’ value. 

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.