8 Cryptocurrency Projects Crypto Investors Should Keep An Eye on

Handy Tips / 19.02.2021

Bitcoin has just hit 55k+, and everyone is surprisingly curious about the crypto industry and suddenly craving to join in on the frenzy. If you have a glimpse of what’s going on in the crypto-verse, you must or should have noticed that the crypto world is rapidly growing, and every other day new better options are introduced in the markets. 

It all started with Bitcoin as the flagship crypto, and since then, thousands of new crypto assets have joined the market. Believe it or not, some crypto projects have even ended up being exceptional investment prospects. At the same time, not all projects are fertile to investors. The point, in this case, it’s definitely not easy for a rookie investor with an inadequate financial analysis background to invest in crypto

In a humble attempt, the Crypto Adventure team has taken it upon themselves to give insight into some cryptocurrency projects that both a newbie or an expert can invest in. Continue reading, and you might be in luck to find out the promising projects to invest in 2021 and learn why these projects could be the best investment opportunities. 

Bitcoin (BTC) – Every Rookie or Expert Should Consider Bitcoin First!

Bitcoin (BTC) launched in 2009 as a decentralized payment platform, providing users with control in the digital money space. It aimed to foster transparency and curb financial fraud problems, which are common today. 

It has been able to hit great strides in the years it has been in operation, and it’s headed to even greater heights. Bitcoin made a list because it’s the first actual decentralized currency and because it’s always an investment you should think about, especially in 2021.

The recent price surge in the Bitcoin (BTC) value makes it the most viable crypto project of 2021. In the last few weeks ending 2020 and beginning 2021, BTC has doubled in prices to over $55.9k. 

Although experts credit Bitcoin’s growth to last year’s halving, one thing is quite clear; the coin might outperform the largest investment assets like gold and any other forms of securities at the end of the year. 

Just recently, Tesla, a US company, bought $1.5 billion worth of BTC in a calculated move aimed at taking advantage of the prospects. This move by Tesla will encourage other conservative investors to start thinking about investing in BTC, ultimately increasing its value even higher.

Ethereum 2.0 (ETH)

Ethereum 2.0 is the latest upgrade of the Ethereum network, advancing from the proof of work mining to proof of stake block validation system. The main reason behind the migration is to reduce the cost implications that the Ethereum mining process faces. This migration happened on the 1st of December 2020 and has already caused a tremendous impact within that short period. 

Ethereum 2.0 could be the biggest thing in the crypto world in 2021. Its impact is already being felt in the crypto space, with Ethereum prices surging over the past few months. For instance, as of the writing date, Ethereum’s price was $2,030 and has been on a steady rise in the past few days.

Since Ethereum is the second-largest platform in the crypto space, its price surges will have a great impact that will last for months or even years, leading to the growth of ETH and crypto as a whole. Any serious investor in the crypto space should plan to take advantage of the coming growth in the Ethereum space and the crypto world. 

Other advancements that will bolster their functioning will include sharding for scalability, efficiency, and reliability. 

UniSwap ($UNI)

UniSwap is a crypto project based in the Ethereum network allowing investors to exchange all classes of ERC-20 tokens freely. The platform launched in November 2018 and later introduced its native token dubbed $UNI. Since the $UNI token launch, it has gained fast adoption due to the host platform’s trust. ,  

UniSwap is the most trusted ERC-20 token exchange platform, providing investors with vast opportunities in the decentralized finance world. If you want to swap any ERC-20 token, UniSwap is the solution. 

The platform currently hosts over 72 thousand liquidity providers and 200 Defi platform integrations. According to the platform’s website, the largest, all-time volume for the UniSwap platform hit $82 billion. It offers liquidity providers and developers the financial marketplace options to take advantage of.  

There is no doubt that UniSwap will remain highly popular in the next many years, especially as new ERC-20 tokens are continually released. Its liquidity option and fair reward allocation have made UniSwap thrive over its peers. 

Moreover, the Defi world is currently headed for one of the biggest revolutions that will provide a foundation for extreme growth in the crypto world and ultimately for UniSwap.


Established in 2017, Divi is among the most prolific projects of today to solve the accessibility and usability issues of cryptocurrencies that prevent mainstream adoption. With numerous industry accolades, including third place in the “Token Tank” contest at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas and ranking #3 under Omni’s Trust OAG rating, behind only Dash and PIVX, Divi is truly one to watch.

To reinvent finance and create the world’s most user-friendly payment platform, Divi is far more than just a fast-growing coin. As one of the only cryptocurrencies to have a controlling share in a Financial Institution (FinTech operation Ridivi), their pursuit of a digital future is firmly in sight. Their forthcoming mobile, a multi-coin wallet that offers a fiat onramp, humanized protocol, ACH banking, opportunities to earn, and a forthcoming SDK for third-party development. Divi’s user-friendly digital currency and payment platform ensure anyone can benefit from cryptocurrency regardless of technical ability.

Divi has solid tokenomics to achieve this goal. Its patent-pending multi-tiered masternode network offers the first and only one-click masternode deployment (MOCCI) and one of the industry’s most competitive return rates (up to 25.8% APR). Additionally, its “lottery block” technology awards 252,000 DIVI to one user each week, with an additional ten participants each receiving 25,000 DIVI. Cross-chain staking is soon to commence.

When writing this report, the coin’s price was $0.03868, with a market of $83 million.


Synthetix is yet another crypto project based on the Ethereum network, which has been designed to help trade and issue synthetic assets. Since its launch in March 2020, the platform has noted great growth; for instance, the latest report on the platform shows over $2.5 billion locked in the platform, and in the future, the number is projected to continue surging.

Synthetix is a dual token platform. Its primary token option is called Synthetix Network token (SNX), which acts as collateral for staking to release the synths, while its secondary token is called Synths.

But what makes Synthetix a project to watch? It allows users to issue Synthetic assets (Synths), representing other assets like cryptos, commodities, indices, and fiat currencies. In simpler terms, using Synths, a user can quickly and easily own shares, indices, or other investment assets from other platforms. 

Due to the increasing adoption of crypto assets by big firms, Synthesized assets’ needs will surge. More companies are forecasted to list their stocks with the Synthetix network as a simpler method of accessing them. Therefore, Synthetix has an excellent immediate and long-term future, and it’s an investment you should take advantage of in 2021.


Polkadot is a crypto platform designed to provide cross-blockchain transfer of all kinds of data and other types of assets. Using this platform, investors enjoy a decentralized web, making it easy to create new applications. 

Polkadot has its native token DOT, aiming to provide governance opportunities and form parallel chains. This currency has this year ranked high in the top 10 cryptocurrencies when it comes to market capitalization. The DOT coin is worth $34.9 and had a $38.7 billion market capitalization as of the writing date. 

According to the coin market cap, the Polkadot network is headed to a great path in 2021, especially with the advancements planned for this year. Among the advancements include giving project users the ability to mint their new tokens. 

Core components that help strengthen the Polkadot network include;

  • Parachains- these are some form of unique independent chains, each hosting its tokens.
  • Parathread- a form of parachains, but it’s believed to have more flexible connectivity leveraging a unique model dubbed pay-as-you-go.
  • Bridges- these are some form of links between parathreads and parachains.
  • Relay chains help create interoperability, consensus, and top security. 

Polkadot is a sharded multichain network; it helps speed up the transaction processing, thus ensuring the entire network is highly scalable.  


Terra was launched in April 2019, and since then, has been able to garner global traction. It’s a unique blockchain project designed to stand out in the crypto service provision due to its introduction of fiat pegged stable coins. It has its currency dubbed LUNA, mostly used by holders for Swapping with other stable coins. This platform offers fast exchanges by using fiat currency’s price stability with censorship resistance of BTC. 

Currently, it offers stable coins based on the South Korean Won, US dollar, Mongolian tugrik, and other IMF-approved baskets of currencies. Stablecoins will be a big part of the future of the crypto world. Therefore, TERRA offering stable coin-related services makes it one of the platforms to keep a keen eye on 2021 and in the next few years. 

Most of the stable coins in TERRA are backed by the LUNA crypto-asset; thus, they will remain deflationary with good investment prospects. 


Dash is another crypto project designed to provide speedy exchanges and global payments in a decentralized nature. Launched in 2014, the Dash project idea was improving systems to parallel the all-time crypto giant BTC. 

Dash wanted from long ago to be the most scalable, user-friendly platform by using masternodes systems to ease the process of new coin release. It has features like private send, chain locks, and Instasend for proper service delivery. 

This year, the price of Dash has experienced an immense rise. At the time of writing this report, Dash’s price is $322, and its market capitalization is currently $3.2 billion. This tremendous growth is not something any investor should take lightly. 

Final Word

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the undisputed crypto coin in the last ten years. But looking beyond its popularity, you will find out that other digital assets have, for the moment, better technology and infrastructure than the satoshi coin. 

For instance, not to shill or anything, Ethereum is one project that’s projected to succeed, especially with the release of ETH 2.0, an upgrade that everyone has been longing for. Scaling being one of the benefits of ETH 2.0, experts believe the second-largest crypto could drive crypto adoption twice as much as bitcoin could. However, the ETH gas fees have been a menace, a setback that has been a Gordian knot for its developers to cut. 

As for the prolific crypto projects, Dash and Divi seem to have futuristic plans to propel their prices to new highs. For example, Dash’s masternode network provides a second security layer, making it even more secure than other cryptocurrencies. Similarly, Divi is solving all the limitations of crypto adoption by enhancing the accessibility and usability of cryptocurrencies, including its native coin. Such features are the scoring points to a crypto project every investor should focus on.

We can not dispute the boom in the DeFi (decentralized finance) sector in the same rationale. Projects such as Uniswap, Synthetix, Polkadot, and Terra are pioneering the entities in decentralized finance, a sector that is the stepping stone to the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

All in all, aside from Bitcoin, whose founder is not known to exist, most cryptos are always advancing – thriving to scale more, have a fast throughput, accommodate more functions and feature more or better use-cases for its users and the above-named projects are the best examples to go by. 

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.