4 Amazing Blockchain Casino Games Found Only on Dragon7

Handy Tips / 29.08.2019

In an industry where the house is always known to be secretive and secluded, now comes a game-changing revolution (literally) that envisions to alter the face of the entire gambling industry. Dragon7 is a platform built on Tron Blockchain Network, built to entice customers in fulfilling their hobby and compulsion by using the attractive and transparent blockchain casino.

Dragon 7 partners with a classic casino games’ production house to provide online classic casino games to the blockchain community. Dragon7, aim to bridge the gap of players found in the gambling industry and the blockchain community, bringing like-minded micro-gaming players globally.”

Dragon7 is a link between traditional gaming developers and the new and improved mechanism for transparency on the Internet, i.e., blockchain. It forms a bridge for customers looking for a way to stimulate their hobby of taking risks and playing against the odds, with casinos who appreciate the transparency and automation of the new revolution. In the company roadmap, the Dragon7 team explained how they plan to expand their chain support from Tron to Ethereum and EOS in the hopes of amassing more and more users. For maximum market penetration, Dragon7 supports both PC and mobile devices. Games are optimized accordingly.

Blockchain + Gambling = Dragon7.Games

The Future of Decentralized Gaming

The advent of end-to-end, decentralized gambling experience has subsequently moved in favor of the player, removing the need for trust to exist. No longer do players need to hope that the online casino is playing fair – as every gameplay can be independently verified on the public blockchain. Players on the Dragon7 platform also have the opportunity to gamble anonymously, without needing to supply any sensitive documents such as a passport or bank statement.

With an ever-increasing user base and an active developing community, Dragon7 boasts weekly traffic of 3.5k unique customers and a weekly volume of more than 19 million Tron. It is also the 13th most used gaming application, and the 35th most used Dapp in general. Those numbers are tremendous when keeping in mind that Dragon7 is a fairly new gambling platform built on a blockchain.

Best of what Dragon7 has to Offer

The collection of games on Dragon7 is quite huge, with several hundred games ready to stake and play and lots more in the pipeline. Users are tasked with the challenge of staking their Tron on the platform and fighting to win the reward. There are several leverages choices on Dragon7, ranging from 5x to 50000x, which depend on the game’s difficulty. This incentivizes users to engage in the platform with the growing rewards continuously.

The Dragon7 games collection is divided into 5 distinct categories: Mystery, Fish, Arcade, Lottery, and Card Games. To ensure that our readers get a greater sense of understanding about the platform, we will now take up the task of highlighting the best of each of the categories to show what Dragon7 has to offer.

1.   Mystery – Lucky Dragons

Lucky Dragon is one of the most played games on Dragon7. Mostly due to its apparent complexity and the ability to give its players the adrenaline rush they need (for what purpose), Lucky Dragon is a great game with immense probability to win. The game offers leverage of 800x, meaning that for every Tron staked, the users have the chance of winning 800. The Game resembles the traditional casino spinning machine where users stake a particular amount and stand a chance to win rewards based on the end patterns. The bet can be made from 0.3 Tron to any amount the user likes.

2. Fishing – Cai Shen Fishing

Cai Shen Fishing is one of the numerous themes of the Cai Shen franchise. This particular game is rather fast-paced, involving the player’s continuous attention on all screen parts. Users are requested to bet a particular amount on their weapon, an underwater gun, and use it to fire on underwater creatures ranging from small fishes to large whales. The rewards are given out based on the player’s ability to efficiently “fish” with the gun.

3. Arcade – Classic Mario

A traditional betting arcade game with a modern take, Classic Mario is a fan favorite on Dragon7. It features elaborate betting mechanisms that allow users to stake Tron on the item they favor the most. Like others in the platform, Classic Mario too features up to 100x leverage. The attractive graphics plus the game’s familiarity among gamers allows Classic Mario to flourish on the platform.

4. Lottery – Cai Shen Bingo

Boasting one of the highest leverage possibilities on the platform with 2800x, Cai Shen Bingo is a game devised to attract players with its apparent ease of use. Cai Shen Bingo is one of Cai Shen themes across the website featuring Grand Pa Cai, in a Full Red attire. The Bingo game is mostly like traditional Bingo, where players cross numbers on their list for randomly announced numbers. One of the key updates is the ability to automate the process. One can let the algorithm run the entire game with increased speed to play several games at once.

Sudarshan M is a long time crypto-enthusiast. Pulled in by bitcoin early on, it did not take long for Sudarshan to divert all of his academic attention from business studies to blockchain by doing his Masters and eventually pursuing his PhD in the subject.