1X2 Coin Platform – Introducing the 1x2T Token

Press Release / 17.01.2020

The game of sports serves as the hub which connects people from all over the world. This has tremendously accelerated the market value of the Sporting Industry. With an estimated value of about $37.9 billion USD in 2017, it is clearly obvious of the potential growth this industry is likely to see going forward. The crypto industry is also an emerging industry which has awesomely accrued unto itself a market value of about $240 trillion USD, as per the time of publication. However, there are few to no sporting platforms which accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The few operating ones are also not transparent with their activities, hence raising a whole lot of speculations against crypto sporting platforms.

Place your betting bids on the reliable and transparent 1X2 Betting Platform

The betting platform hosts several sporting activities, giving users a wide range of events to bet on in real-time. With just one year into development, they have been able to deploy a Sportsbook and a Casino with a great user interface, which makes it very easy for users to navigate through the platform. In their quest to fulfilling the vision of creating an ecosystem which would have one native token as their payment method, they successfully generated their own token based on Proof-of-Stake protocol (PoS) which would give returns to investors holding their token. They have further acquired a licensing for gambling in Panama, as well as registering their company in Malta.

How 1X2 Coin rewards its users based on the concept of Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism

The 1X2 coin has been developed based on a PoS protocol which rewards both masternode holders and stakers with a percentage of the block rewards. Users who are either staking or running masternode/s have opened themselves up to a constant source of passive income. The team has put in place good token mechanics by giving the coin use cases on the platform. With a very limited supply and a low block reward, the supply of this coin is low in circulation, hence further boosting the demand of this coin. These mechanisms have been put in place to make sure the supporters of the 1X2 coin blockchain network benefit immensely from their block rewards. The image below shows a portion of the block rewards, see the whitepaper for further information.

1X2 Coin holders should not feel abandoned with the upcoming token, as measures have been put in place to reward them with 1X2T tokens based on their holdings. Also, some giveaways on the platform would be done solely with the use of 1X2 Coin and it would be integrated into the peer-to-peer trading platform when completed. Going forward, allocated portion of funds from the sale of the new token would be used to advertise, add to more exchanges, and other price improvement methods.

The Ethereum blockchain is the biggest blockchain network with a huge number of decentralized applications, hence giving the 1X2T token a wide community member base. Through this exposure, strategic partnerships with other ETH-based projects to further expand the 1X2 ecosystem have been established with two high class internet sportsbooks. Taking advantage of the community size of Ethereum, the team has decided to launch an ERC 20 token sale with incredible token economics. Though an ERC-20 token, it would operate on PoS protocol, through which it will reward its holders a handsome return on their investment as displayed below:

Participate in the Ongoing Token Sale of a Working Product

The token presale started on the 6th January and has seen huge participation, as the first and second presale phases sold out within just a few days. To reward early adopters and believers of the future, where 1X2 betting platform would be globally accepted, a bonus of 12% and 20% are being offered for investors who invest 5 and 10 ETH packages, respectively.

There are pipeline plans of listing on several other exchanges, after the completion of the token sale, to increase the exposure of their betting platform which would all go a long way to increase the price of the token. Unlike a bunch of ICOs/IEOs that are all ideas seeking funds to further launch white elephant projects, here you have a working betting platform with already two launched products which are live.

Every investment comes with risks and one way to control these risks is to consider whether the product is working or not. In the world of business, it’s mostly good to be part of the early adopters of a project. Below is an image showing the schedules of how the token sale is being carried out.

Why you should endeavor to get hold of 1X2T Token

By utilizing the features of smart contract, the developers have been able to code into their token a concept termed Whitelisting. All tokens purchased are whitelisted and eligible to receive rewards. But any tokens sent to non-whitelisted addresses cease to become eligible to receive the rewards displayed above. This is an inflationary strategy put in place to encourage people from selling their holdings, as most holders would prefer to receive a constant and passive income based on your holdings.

Furthermore, 1X2T token is the accepted cryptocurrency used in placing bets in the casino and sportsbook, therefore increasing the demand and liquidity of the token on listed exchanges.

Future Developments

  1. To further enhance liquidity and access to 1X2T token, there is the development of a peer-to-peer trading platform, which will allow frictionless trade among users. This feature would be of huge benefit to crypto starters, as well as saving players the time of purchasing from exchanges. Trading pairs will be with Bitcoin and Ethereum to start, with more options added promptly by demand.
  2. As time goes on, there will be further upgrades to the betting platform which would give users a wide range of games with competitive odds.
  3. A world-wide recognition as a licensed global gambling platform which gives good ROIs holding either of its native cryptocurrencies.
  4. There is already in place an in house masternode hosting service, where just 1$ per month gives you access to a stable hosting service and direct communication with it’s creator right on the Discord channel.


The 1X2 brand is invading the sports betting industry, as it has acquired the legal documents to operating using their native currency as payment method. A young project, yet they have already successfully launched a sportsbook and a casino, with well-defined features which ensure a good user experience and higher odds of winning as compared to other casinos. It further gives to its community and investors great opportunities, as its native cryptocurrencies operate on the concept of Proof-of-Stake, where both stakers and masternode holders receive good ROIs as stated above.


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